Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland

This project is really close to my heart as in Ireland there is very little support for ectopic pregnancy (EP) sufferers. 
With a group of girls who have all been affected by one or more EP we set up a charity to raise awareness as well as support to others.

Our website is a work in progress, the link is

We also have a specific forum/board that can be useful

And we are on Facebook too click here or follow us on Twitter @EctopicIreland

24th of March 2011. Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland has been officially launched.
The evening went great, we had a doctor and a midwife from two different Dublin hospitals giving talks and both put a lot of effort into it. Several people came to the event (from as far as the west of Ireland) it felt amazing. I got all emotional when J did the opening speech....she talked about how we got together and how far we have come. She read a message written on our Facebook page by a girl who had seen the interview I mentioned in my last post and said it had saved her life a week later. The project has already saved a life.