Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And we are off!

Tomorrow at 9.50 we'll fly to London and then at about 2pm we will be on the long flight to SFO. I am not sure about our plans once we are over there but I will contact all the cyber-friends in the area who said were happy to meet up!

I'll be thinking of all of you, not sure if I'l be able to post (I'm just bringing my iphone, no laptop and no ipad) but I'll definitely try to check on you.

Much love and wish us all a safe trip!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's June! (FET dates, updated!)

..which means it's ages I haven't posted, and also that in a week time we'll be packing our last few bits before leaving for Cali!! Whoohoo!

But I have to first congratulate my dear cyber-friend Misfit on the safe arrival of her baby girl. What a journey she had, my heart is bursting with joy! And just as I shifted her to the parenting blogroll, I am so happy to have moved two more from the "we can do it" list to the "we have done it" list! I'm making progress in my project of having all the girls still in the trenches moving to pregnancy and parenting. I know it will happen. One way or another, it will.

Work has quietened down, exams and marking are over, I have had some nice results in my research and so I'm concentrating in finishing off research papers before leaving. I don't talk to much about work on my blog, but after 4 years of hiring freeze and no promotion rounds, there is going to be a promotion round opening in October. You can imagine the amount of people at my same level that have accumulated in 4 years so I don't think I'll be among the Chosen Ones, but I still have to try. This and a big grant application I'm going to put in for European funding will keep me busy as soon as I come back. Oh and I'm about to call the Favourite Doctor to schedule our FET!! I'll update this post as soon as I have dates, stay tuned!

The Fab Doctor called and I'm going to start the pill on my next period, will be on the nasal spray from the 12th of July (already on East Coast time, so not much of a problem) and transfer should be scheduled for the 9th of August! I can't believe it! Hopefully there will be a little brother or sister for Oliver among our five penguins!!