About me

Mike and I got married in March 07. We have been trying for a baby since November 06. After a failed IUI we had ICSI in August 08 (which sadly resulted in an ectopic pregnancy) and two more failed FET cycles (Jan and Apr 09). Fresh ICSI cycle in July 09 with short protocol resulted again in an ectopic pregnancy against all odds...Now I'm tubeless. ICSI#3 failed in January 2010. After a hysteroscopy which remover some scar tissues nobody thought I had, we transfer our lonely Penguin Elvis which decided to stick around!

Now, there is much more than infertility to my life of course, I'm a college lecturer and I really think I should have been a medical doctor...who knows, one day maybe! I do a lot of research so I feel I tackled infertility the only way I know, like an experiment that didn't really work the first time and you just don't give up until you know why and solve the problem (I guess I'm back talking about infertility...)

We also recently added two cats to our household and there has been quite a lot of drama around them, you can find a few posts if you are interested!