Monday, November 21, 2011

Call for stories on Ectopic Pregnancies

Hi girls,

as some of you know, I have set up a new blog for Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland.

I have started a project where I'm featuring stories of ladies who have gone through the same. If you have the time, please have a look at it and if you or someone you know may want to participate, please share the word. While this was born as an Irish support group, we know the web is so powerful it can reach very remote areas of the Globe and we are already getting readers from the US as well as main Europe and even Africa! We are so so excited about it.

Please help us getting visibility, if you have been through an ectopic you know the feeling of loneliness. We want to make sure this will never be the case again. Anything you can do to talk about that blog will be greatly appreciated.

If you feel like writing your story for the project just follow the same format as the stories already reported and email it to me or to the official address and I'll let you know when they go live. If you have blogged about it I'll link your blog to the post and put it in our blogroll.

Thank you so much!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where is the time going?

Since I'm back in work it seems like my days are just piled up onto one another...I have been to London this past weekend, enjoying a fabulous spa in Covent Garden with my best friend from Italy. We have been meeting up once a year somewhere this since I moved to Ireland 10 years ago. Of course I see her when I go back home, but this is like our treat. Last year we went to the same spa and it was just before my hysteroscopy which preceded my FET and then pregnancy. So it was great to be back and we really enjoyed our trip. It was also my first time away from Oliver overnight but it went well. Next time it'll be in a couple of weeks as I have to fly to Barcelona for work. Again it'll be just one night.

I want to do a post soon on cloth diapers (CD) as my original choice (after researching it for ages) turned out not to be the best and so now I've moved to a different system. Hopefully this weekend I'll manage!

On the attic. That's going to be our guest room, so if you visit let me know!

Oliver is doing great, he gets himself up to standing and almost crawls properly (seems to prefer the commando style!) and he's great great fun and ever so adorable.

Finally there seems to have been a Dude's sighting from one of my neighbours...who knows, I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Attic Project: Finally!!

I know I know it took forever...Almost 11 months after moving out of the house and get the project going, I can finally post pics! Enjoy!
Before (Sept. 2010)

During (October-December 2010) We moved out into a temporary accommodation

We tiled the bathroom! I think it was more or less the Christmas weekend...

We move back in just before I got admitted to hospital on the 27th of December 2010! I actually didn't even get to sleep in the house. So there's a bit of a break before we can add the finishing touches...

And it is in all its glory!