Quest for baby #2

Sep. 11ICSI #4 to freeze some embryos, it goes like a breeze, 14 eggs retrieved, 11 fertilized, 5 beautiful blasts in the freezer (3xd5 and 2xd6)

July/Aug. 12FET #4. Prepping for FET is great this time, no problem with the lining, it's over 11mm with the normal dose of meds. Transfer of 1 blast on the 9th of Aug. 4 more left in the freezer. BFP on 9dp5dt, HCG only 25 but goes up to 75 at 11dp5dt. Number still rising to 218 at 13dp5dt. At 5w2d the scan shows the sac in the uterus which is a relief it's not ectopic.

Sept. 12: At 6w3d another scan shows an embryo measuring 6w1d with barely a flicker for the heartbeat which we cannot hear but looks slow. At 7w3d the embryo measures only 6w5d with a HB of 115. Not looking good. Bleeding starts as I hit 8 weeks and I go in for scans several times thinking it's all over. It is not. We nickname the embryo Phoenix. I have a SCH which explains the bleeding and meanwhile Phoenix is catching up in growth and by 8w6d she measures only 4 days behind.

Oct. 12: At 10w2d I have a scan in Italy that shows a very healthy Phoenix measuring 10w1d!! However the NT scan at 11w4d had me a bit worried mostly for the blood results. The scan itself measured perfectly with a HB of 167 and the NT measurement at 1.15mm, but the bloods gave us a 1:1076 chance of T21 and a 1:452 chance of  T13/T18. The OB however is extremely reassuring and we don't do anything else. At 13w2d I have more spotting and have developed an awful cough. Two days later another gush of blood and I go to the ER. We finally find out it is indeed the cervix that gives me trouble! Nothing to be concerned about, just superficial bleeding.

Nov. 12: At 17w2d I have another OB appointment. All checks out beautifully, HB at 133 but suddenly I worried about not having much fluids at all!! I forgot to ask about it and now I have to wait till  the 20w scans to be reassured...

Dec. 12: At 20w4d the anatomy scan is perfect thankfully. Phoenix measures 3 days behind as always, nothign to be worried about. 21w2d OB appointment confirms all is well. I have this slight worry about the slower HB rate that Phoenix has with respect to Oliver, but I didn't dare asking! I have a fibroid external to the uterus which I can actually feel near the bellybutton, but again it's absolutely benign and not interfering. We are considering VBAC unless I am going overdue.

Jan. 13: All is great. I am convinced Phoenix is a boy but I had a dream that she was a girl and I was completely surprised in the dream too. Weight gain is good, I'm up 8.5kg from the beginning, much better than with Oliver (+12 kg at 25w). At 26 weeks I have a bit of a drama. I start contracting. Not painful contractions but present and constant. I get admitted to the hospital, get steroid shot just for safety, but all is good and I go back home the following day. 

Feb. 13: 28w baby is very active but I feel crap, the headcold and cough has not left me alone since it started in October. Utter PITA.  29w2d appointment confirms all is well with Phoenix and the major thing about this pregnancy is that it's absolutely flying by. Next appointment at 31w2d Phoenix is perfect. Head down, good placenta, great blood flow. Let's hope it will keep growing! And I'm +11Kg at this stage. 

Mar. 13: I have started a course in mindfulness which really helps me staying focussed on the present. 33w2d check up still perfect and growing on track. Oliver stopped growing at 34 weeks so I am feeling a bit anxious. My niece is born on March the 12th! I'm and aunt! 35w2d apt still all great! I'm breathing a bit now, I feel safer and positive.

Apr. 13: 36w6d baby is measuring perfect! Still growing!! The OB estimates Phoenix will be about 3kg at birth all going well. Sounds good to me! I had another appointment at 37w6d and then again at 38w6d where the OB checked my cervix and it was completely shut and long...bohoo. We schedules a C-section for the 23rd of April. Phoenix is going to be here soon! Phoenix surprised us all by being a girl, she was born with perfect C-section at 10.26 am, weighing 3.045Kg (6lb 11oz) and the OB was spot on. A new adventure as a family of four begins.

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