Sunday, May 30, 2010

6 weeks!

Our holiday in Italy suffered a bit of change of plans...After the scan last week, the gyno recommended to take it easy for a while. Not because there are reasons of concern, but simply because it took us 3 years to get this far. His opinion is that miscarriages are not caused by travelling of course, but certainly if you are less exposed to bumps on the road Elvis will be less shaken. Just in case.

So our trip to the Island was cancelled. Mike also got a violent stomach bug which forced him to bed for a couple of days last weekend, and we kind of had an excuse.

What do we do then? I don't mind really, being with my family and pampered and fed...but for Mike is a bit different, these are our holidays after all...So we decided to go shopping for the Attic conversion plan. You may get the impression that we can't find anything in Ireland...that's not really true provided that you are willing to spend A LOT of money for an average quality product. We think that we can actually save a good bit by ordering things in Italy and get them shipped over.

So far we have selected a bed frame (I like simple things but of a proper size!!) with memory foam matrasses and the sanitaryware for the bathroom. We will have to have the architect checking dimensions and highths just in case but we love what we saw! We will go looking for sliding doors next week, and a few other bits and pieces.

We are also going to buy a selection of delicacies from my region to bring back to the girl who's looking after Patches, we know she loves Italian cusine and she's doing a great job with him! He's eating loads and is very well, so we couldn't be happier.

And today I'm 6 weeks! I tested again with a Clearblue this morning (not the digital just in case it said the wrong number of weeks!), it's my clinic policy to have you testing until the viability scan, and I'm happy to say it was as strong as it can be. Not much else to report on this front, I feel tired and a bit nauseous and I'm delighted with anything that means Elvis is still with me. I haven't booked the scan yet, I think I'll do it on the 10th of June (7w4d) as I'm internal examiner for a PhD viva on the 9th and I don't want to have to deal with bad news the day before if, God forbid, that is the case.
I will update my old posts with pics once I'm back, I can't do it from here at all but thanks so much for all the messages and love you sent me! I don't know what I would do without you all.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Huston We Have a Sac in the Right Place!

I just had to update you all my friends, I have gone for a very early u/s today at 5w1d. I have had no spotting or bleeding or more pain since the freak out post but still the fear of little Elvis not being in the right place was there.

Luckily, my parents have lots of friends in the right places and one of them is a gyno, so we called him up to see if he could see me. This was the day we arrived in Italy. Sure he had no problem at all, and just to have the chance of seing something he booked me in for today.

On suday, at 5w0d I used my last FRER to see if the line had gotten stronger and it was much much darker than the control.
Today I was on pins a between ice-creams I also bought a nice pair of shoes which I wore to the appointment.

The gyno was lovely and said it was possible we may not see much, the scanner was a bit old etc and that didn't mean it was ectopic. But as soon as he put the wand in I SAW IT!!! A nice round sac in the middle of my uterus. I will post a pic as soon as I manage from my parents' place, but it seems to be measuring prefectly (over 5 mm but it was an old machine so it may be 6 mm) with a tiny white grain that should be our little Elvis and it had nestled in the lower uterine wall where the scar had been removed!

We've never got this far...we are beyond happiness and of course things can still go differently but at least we know that we CAN have a normal pregnancy, we are so hopeful and positive now. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts they always helped

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

123 ***Update: Adoption news!***

I just got the call. Beta doubled from 52 (I can't believe I always hear the numbers wrong! Not that it's a major difference of course but I going deaf or something?) to 123.
I then also rechecked my old posts and my first beta in August was 57 not 67! Where do I have my head I don't know. So we are pretty much in the same ballpark figure.
I kept telling myself that I would have been very happy with a 110 so I should be really really happy with 123....but probably deep deep down I was hoping for a number around 150...I know I know... never happy around here.

The HCG calculator says I'm bang on the mean values, ok maybe slightly lower:

But I won't be fooled I know it means nothing really. The doubling time is also good apparently, around 37.84 hours. It is a step in the right direction AND it was a frozen little embryo so my Elvis is doing well so far. The Doctor was very happy and said at 12dp5dt they are happy with anything near 100. So I'll take the 123.

Thanks so much for your comments on my last post, I think I have calm down in that respect. And certainly this evening we have a lot to think about with the packing, Patches going to the foster home for the holiday and the Dude going to the cattery tomorrow morning! So I'll keep busy!

Oh, of course I had POAS this morning so I knew the line was definitely darker, and again the comparison saga took place! And by the way, I too have them all photographed and in a folder on my computer! What can I say, I want to try and enjoy the holiday, it will go whichever way it's supposed to be. Checking out for now, I'll miss you all, I'll try and post from Italy to let you know how things are going!

***Update. I just had to update the blog! When we got home this evening we had mail. It was from the adoption board!! We finally got our waiting list number!! It's 4483. We have no idea what number they are dealing with at present, but it's nice to finally BE a number too!! Of course we deeply hope we will have to postpone our prep course next year as we may be busy with Elvis, but it's still great we have been finally deemed suitable to at least attend the course!
Patches has been brought to the foster home and settled in very well, they love him already and he did all the cute things at the right time! We are confident he'll be well and they'll enjoy his company. That's it for now, I haven't packed a thing yet, I'm really tired and still have to do ll the evening injections...***

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little freak out

All day I got myself convinced this is another ectopic pregnancy. I know all of you who had one know what I'm talking about...

Having no tubes, if it is ectopic, it has to be located either in the stump of the tubes or in the narrowing of the uterus towards the tubes (cornual). The possibility is something like 1 in 2500-5000 pregnancies. But a lot more dangerous than a normal ectopic. And you know the way I am excellent at falling on the wrong side of the stats.

But lets back up. I have twinges on my right side. Sometime on the left but definitely more on the right. That's what's freaking me out. I started thinking that at 4w2d I wouldn't really have ectopic pregnancy symptoms, the size of the pregnancy is too small. And yet...the little bee in my brain kept buzzing. I even checked out the location of the hospital on the island we are going on holiday to. Just in case.
Then I started searching the literature for information on these other type of ectopic. The more I was reading the more the twinges. Than I tried to exactly localize the twinges. Of course it's impossible. It does feel like is towards the ovary but sure with no tubes that's one sure place where the embryo is not! So what the heck is it? It was a FET, can't be that the ovary is enlarged, I was suppressed until embryo transfer...

I did nothing all day but worrying. Can you imagine? I'm going to go insane. Where's all my Zen gone? Every pregnancy I had ended up in theatre so that's for me is what is normal my friends. I don't know what twinges are normal in a pregnancy. You may say that my beta are good hence unlikely to be ectopic. Yeah...maybe. But I had perfect beta the last time and all it meant was that the pregnancy in my right tube was viable (and I may have had another embryo implanting too).

Then I got an email from one of the girls in the Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland group to organise the next meeting, and I replied straight away to all of them pouring out my heart and fears. It turns out all of them who had a normal pregnancy after an ectopic had the fear it was again ectopic because of the one side-twinges! I have to tell you I feel a lot better. That is until I will worry again of course.

I keep repeating myself "one step at the time" but I never made it past 7 weeks so those steps are running out fast. Anyway, I bought 2 more FRER and I'll do one tomorrow morning before going in for beta, at least I'll have somewhat of an idea which way the numbers will be going! And on thursday no matter what, we are off on holidays. Let's hope we'll be able to enjoy them!

Monday, May 17, 2010

First results 10dp5dt FET

I tested again this morning and I wasn't really sure the line was much darker...for one thing yesterday test was a bit weird with the test line coming up uneven in intensity...I'm sure you could see it too, with the bottom part darker than the top part. Today's test was definitely even but overall looked very similar to the darker part. Go figure. Don't they know that us infertile women are so analytical a faulty test can drive us round the bend?

So, of course, I fished out the tests of the August pregnancy and I started looking at how intense the test line was with respect to the control and so on. Obviously asking Mike for his opinion a million times when I was not happy with the answer or how long he looked at the test for etc. And I have obsessed ever since.
By the intensity of today line I was expecting a value around 30. It was stronger definitely than my first ectopic pregnancy (when I could barely see a positive test line 13dp3dt) and the beta were 18. I don't have those tests any more though so who knows!

At 5.30 this afternoon I still had got no call back from the clinic. I texted the Favourite Doctor (I know I know...sure I had to go pee and I knew the phone would ring then!) to see if she had seen the results, no worries if not, I would have called the clinic in the morning. She rang back straight away and said the number was very good, given that it was 2 days early AND on a frozen cycle, she was very happy to tell me it was 53! I was delighted, the intensity of the test definitely fooled me this time. Of course we have to see how it goes on wednesday, they are happy to have a value around 100 and if mine doubles I should be right on target.
Now, the last time, my beta on a fresh cycle on the same day was 57 and I'm sure I had two embryos implanting given that even after the surgery to remove the viable ectopic pregnancy I had still sky-high beta values and needed MTX shot.

For now I'm happy. I would say cautiously feeling positive. Until wednesday that is. I have no more tests in the house, I wonder if I'll resist temptation....

I now want to add a paragraph to this post like many of you have done before. Please don't feel you have to comment or come and read. I know some of you are dealing with recent losses and having been there myself I understand how you feel about reading of a positive test. Even if it has not been by any means an easy one to get. Even if I know you know with my history this can be over in no time. My heart goes out to you and I really mean it. Forever hugs and I will keep hoping and praying for you all.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The little embie that could

We named the penguin "Elvis". This was actually the name we had thought for the next cat (when the Dude run away we thought of getting a friend for Patches) but actually sounded appropriate for a penguin too.

So after waking up as usual at 4.30 for a pee I went back to bed for a little longer before testing. I just couldn't do it there and then. Having no feelings one way or another I didn't want to be brought to reality too quickly. At 6.55 Mike woke and we said "let's do it".

We went both to the bathroom, I POAS (actually I can never do that, I have to dip it in a cup) and put it on the window sill without looking at it all. Then a minute or so later...

Today is 9dpt. Frozen cycle. I never got pregnant on a FET, let alone with a blast that took a little longer to become a blast (day 6).
I stole the title for this post from my good friend Sweet Georgia who used this phrase to define the penguin once it was transferred. I thought it was a beautiful, strong definition.

I obviously have many fears, I find it difficult to enjoy the moment. Of course I'm happy I'm pregnant again, for a while I thought that'll never happen again, but my past two pregnancies have been so dramatic I'm terrified it will be another ectopic.
I'm going in for beta tomorrow.

Maybe this is really the little embie the could. Your support and good vibes have been amazing as always, I thank you all so much from my heart.

Grow Elvis grow!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Right so!

Wow girls, you have been unanimous! I'm going to buy the tests today and test on Sunday then. Still no dreams but I thought I saw a hint of colour in the progesterone this morning, could have been my imagination though, it was just slightly off white.
We'll see. Still not giving in to the anxiety!

Today I am adamant to finish the corrections of the exam scripts at least I don't have to look at them over the weekend. Checking out for now!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

6dp6dt and no idea

Today is 6 days after my transfer. The embryologist said that actually there is no difference between a day 6 and a day 5 so our embryo could be considered a standard day 5 blast. Normally I have some feelings about the cycle, and typically at some point I have a dream that tends to be right about whether the cycle has worked or not. It's a very clear cut dream, either I dream I'm bleeding or a fading HPT, or I dream a positive test.

Not such a thing this time. I'm blissfully unaware of what may be going on in there. I wonder if the kittens are working somewhat of a miracle in keeping me occupied and less in tune with my body. I have to say I love it. Not being stressed about the wait I mean. I'm enjoying waiting this time.

I was half considering testing on Sunday, it will be 9 days after a blast transfer, surely if I'm pregnant it'll show by then. The reasoning is that I will have to go in for beta if it's positive due to my history, so if I can get two blood tests before I leave on Thursday would be good. But then...they have hospitals in Italy, I can get my HCG tested there if needs to be. On the other hand, if the test is negative, I can stop the meds and get my period over with before we go to the seaside on the island after the wedding (oh, by the way, the wedding is in mainland Italy, and it's a couple of Italian friends getting married, so nothing too unusual for them!).

What would you do?

All good in Petland also, I know you wanted to know!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Dude update and 4dp6dt

Yesterday we brought the Dude to the Vet for a check up. We thought he was recovering very well and that the abscess was reducing in size, but the Vet said it really needed to be lanced and cleaned properly because the location is an unfortunate one, on the back just above his bum and will find it difficult to completely go away. So we came back with no Dude (we are picking him up this evening) to a very happy Patches being back to be the king of the house! While he never came downstairs in the last few days when the Dude was in the kitchen, he was definitely taking possession of every room last night! And he's doing very very well, his meow is normal (not like a chicken sound anymore) and so is his purring (it always sounded like a pigeon! and nicknamed him Pigeon!). He's playing a lot and eating very well, some new food arrived yesterday (I had placed an order to try out different brands in the hope to find something he ate with pleasure) and although he's not as enthusiastic as he is for the delux food he certainly had a good bit of it too! All going well we'll reunite the two of them this weekend! I feel so good about them, I'm sure there will be no real problem, Patches is so much stronger he should be able for a very playful Dude!

Another day in my 2ww has gone by. I realised all of a sudden yesterday that the day I am supposed to test was actually the due date of my first ectopic pregnancy! How weird. I hardly think about due dates, I don't think it's healthy for me to do so and struggle to see the point in keeping the pain alive longer than it needs to be, so the realization that I actually knew it was a due date came to me as a bit of a shock. Funny how it took a few days before it came to mind. I want to try and be positive that it'll be a good day, strangely I am so distracted that I think I will handle quite well a BFN if that's what is going to be. The fact that I'm going on holiday the day after (to Italy, we have a wedding on the 22nd and then we are off to an island off the coast of Tuscany for a week!) never really worked out well with cycles, I was always thinking "oh, I'll bring the baby skiing while still in the belly" or "I'll relax by the swimming pool eating great-pregnancy-safe food" and sure enough it never happened. So who knows this time, I may be surprised! If not I'll enjoy the holidays to the fullest, can you imagine being in Tuscany and NOT drinking wine, cured ham and fresh cheese? Of course I'd give up even water if it means I get pregnant, but it's a comforting thought nonetheless!
Symptoms-wise the insomnia has set in. This is the absolutely worse part of the 2ww. I wake up between 4 and 4.30. I just have to go to the loo, by the time I'm back to bed I'm fully awake. Then Patches starts purring. This morning I decided I may as well make good use of this time and started listening to my super-duper MP3 player. I may have mentioned in that past that I have a CD for pre-transfer, post-transfer and 2ww relaxation tracks from Zita West, so there I was, imagining my baby growing inside me. Not sure I believe it really helps, but it's certainly no harm!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Good News in Petland and 3dp6dt

All is good in the pet compartment, the Dude's abscess is definitely improving, his appetite is incredible and we think he's recovering well. He's still in the isolation ward like Mike called it (he's in the kitchen!) but he's been allowed to the living room when Patches is upstairs. I actually think Patches loves having everything upstairs, for one thing he has a better view out the window!
Also we finally have found the food that Patches eats with pleasure! Again this is thank you to the Ultimate Vet Hero. So I've now placed an order for a mega supply of that brand which is fully natural with no additives so we may have to supplement some vitamins. But it's such a pleasure seeing him running to the food the minute it's put down.
We'll bring the Dude to the Vet this evening for a follow up after the emergency vet, he'll probably get a de-worming tablet also.
We are actually managing quite well the situation, so we have abandoned the idea of finding a foster home for the Dude. I think it was a bit of a shock when we had him back in the house, but we are now totally in love with him again and we are confident we are all going to be ok. We'll keep Patches and the Dude apart at least until the Dude has finished his course of antibiotics (only a few more days) and we may continue to have separate litter trays, we'll see if that works or not. The Dude also eats so much and so fast that we will try and feed them separately.
We will board the Dude in the place we had booked and we'll have Patches in a house environment as decided, we still think it'll be better this way. So all is going well, for now at least!

And today is 3 days after my transfer, I rested a lot yesterday and of course I have all the progesterone induced symptoms, but I've been there too many times to be fooled, I'm allowing myself to be positive, without giving into the madness and so far, with the help of the cats it's working well! I forgot to mention that the official test day is the 19th of May, the day before we are off on holiday, I don't want to test early, it never brought me any good news, we'll see how long I last!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a day...

Ah girls, you are fantastic. So yesterday was completely the opposite of what you would hope you'll do on the day of a transfer. Feet up and rest, right? Well not quite.
First we had to deal with Patches who took very badly the fact that the Dude was back in the house. I actually think he spiked a temperature. We kept them separated all the time because the Dude was sneezing a lot with very watery eyes. The poor thing had this massive swelling on his lower back we had to go to the emergency vet. It turned out he had high temperature also and a big abscess probably due to a bite. The vet syringed out almost 10mL of pus, gave him antibiotics and we were sent back home. By the time we went to bed it was almost 1am...on the day of my transfer!! Not good... The Dude has eaten almost a week worth of food in a few hours, he's so skinny and dehydrated he must have had a very tough time outdoor. We bought a second litter tray, we just cannot risk Patches getting sick again with another virus. We called the Ultimate Vet Hero to let her know we found the Dude (this before I realised he had been bitten) she was delighted and this morning she phoned to see how things had gone. We told her we were concerned for Patches, he's been through so much, what if he relapsed? And what can we do with the poor Dude who's now craving for affection like it's going out of fashion? Remember the Dude was the one very very shy and almost never wanted you to pet him. We agreed that the best thing would be to find at least a temporary foster home until the Dude has got over his flu and the abscess completely cleared. We don't know how likely to find someone is going to be, but Mike has now gone to the DSPCA to see if they can help (they didn't help at all when we called last night). I'm trying to take it easy today, I don't really want to run around too much and I'm giving Patches as much affection as possible to reassure him. He's eaten well this morning and he's sleeping on my lap now. Having the Dude back home gave us mixed feelings to be honest. We are worried for Patches and we feel really sorry for the Dude. This morning we tested the Dude reaction in front of an open window....he didn't go near it!! Good sign. Hopefully we'll find the best solution soon.

And by the way, can I patent this process as the best thing to keep your mind off the 2ww madness? It's working like a treat!

Friday, May 7, 2010

PUPO and Patches! **Update we found the Dude!!**

We have a blast on board! Yes my friends, our super-blast (remember it was a day-6 embryo) survived the thaw very very well, the embryologist said they would consider a good thawed blast if it had up to 50% fragmentation due to the process, our had less than 5% so she was delighted. By the time we transferred at 4.25pm it had fully re-expanded! Could this be our little hero? I'll do everything in my power to wish him/her well in this journey including staying as positive as possible. Incredibly, I managed to be very calm and zen all this cycle, very little stress including this morning when they called saying they were good to go with the thawing and if I didn't hear anything by 1pm to consider that all was well and to show up for the transfer. Normally I freak out no end, heart pounding, an eye constantly on the phone to see if the screen brightens up, imagining in my head the dreaded call. Not this time. Suddenly it was 1pm and I thought "Oh, all is well then!" and once again patted myself on the back.
Transfer was easy and painless as usual, I'm lucky that way. The doctor that did the transfer was the same one that got me pregnant in August. And we had a different song playing this time (it had always been Enya...very Irish!) Mike just informed me that it was Norah Johnes singing "Don't know why"... if it works I'll send her a thank you card! And I told the nurse NOT to give me a pregnancy test! So she didn't. Ahhh, sigh of relief!

So resting now for the weekend, feet up and warm socks!

This morning I also brought Patches to the Ultimate Vet Hero for a check up. She said he looked great! On her scale he gained 200g since she had him in two weeks ago which was music to my ears. He had no temperature and she reassured me on the amount that he should be eating per day, not half as much I thought he should be on!! She also gave me some food to try out and overall we had a great conversation. I asked what she thought would be best for Patches when we are gone on holidays and definitely having someone looking after him in a house environment is the best thing. So we are all set! Agreements in place, peace of mind as we know she'll be ready to take him in should he worsen and the knowledge that two more weeks will make him even stronger. I brought her a small cyclamen from Patches and a trio of local jams from Mike and I...she loved them and even hugged me!

So it has been a very good day all around!

***Update *** Oh my God, this 7th of May has been something else. We found the Dude!!! I got a call this evening from one of the neighbours where we left the leaflets as she thought she had seen our cat in her garden! We got there immediately, it wasn't there anymore but she was 90% certain it was him. So we went around a bit a rang a few houses, then decided to go home, print more leaflets and give them out. As we where walking back a girl came running after us saying she saw the kitten under a bush! So we run there and we had some dry food with us, we spotted him and eventually he came out to the food, he was starving, he's so thin but seems well enough. We brought him home, cleaned him a bit and I noted he has a big lump in his back as if he has an infection. He's very unsettled and Patches has withdrawn completely into his den. We fed him and we are going to the vet now just to make sure he's ok. I'm also concerned that he'll run away again of course but we'll be careful. At least he's well!! We are so so happy! I actually had dreamt we had found him last night and told Mike this morning who said "I don't think we'll find him again..." and here he is!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lining is Good!

My lining grew in the last few days up to 9mm!! The Favourite Doctor was very very pleased, even the lower wall is now fluffy!! She could see where the scarring had been removed also and she was very optimistic for us. The Viagra worked its (many) miracles! So transfer is confirmed for Friday at 4pm. I'm very happy but trying not to give in to the anxiety of the embryo thawing. Glad my dream was wrong!
I mentioned to the Fav Doc that we are looking into adoption also and she was a bit taken aback, her opinion is that our embryos are excellent, just didn't have the right place to nest and that worse case scenario we should look into surrogacy... Interesting she mentioned it, after a brief period in which I considered it too I kind of left the idea to one side. She said it's not possible in Ireland but that they could help us coordinate it in a foreign Country. Good to know I suppose!

I have to keep up the Viagra until the day of transfer and then stop it. I am to stop right now the Trental (another vasodilator) because I told her I feel quite dizzy on it, and we have the lining now anyway so it has done its job. I'm keeping up everything else including the extra vitamins which basically, it's the only thing I don't mind taking in a frozen cycle!

This morning I weighed Patches because I still think he's eating very little and using the litter tray also very little. He hasn't grown at all! Still only 1.8 kg (not even 4 lb). He has not lost either which is a relief, but I'm not sure this can be it's final weight. He's a microscopic cat for being 6 months old. He is alert and playful, breathes normally, just doesn't eat much and I realise I'm becoming obsessed with this. Anyway, Mike called the Ultimate Vet Hero to have an opinion (and to stop me from stressing him out!). She is not concerned once he's well, it could be the meds he's on (the antibiotic mostly, rather than the steroids which should make him eating/drinking more). Right so, I'll try not to worry and we'll bring him in as scheduled on Friday for his check-up.

Last bit of news is that yesterday I bought a new MP3 player! Remember all the problems I had with the New Toy ? Well, a part from extending the warranty on it until 2012, I also got a voucher for 100 € to spend on something I liked. I'm not much of a music person (I couldn't sing to save my life and I don't know songs/singers/styles etc...) but sure I had a very old Ipod mini which was obsolete so I decided to try out something different! Going to set it up now!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planning Permission Approved!

We got the news today from our architect (who's back from his honeymoon) that the County Council had approved our planning to convert the attic!! Woohoo!!

This is brilliant news and our architect will be in touch in the next couple of days to see what our next step is! So exciting!! It may be likely that we will be able to do the work over the summer so that means we have probably to find a place to stay while the job gets done.

So this is one good news, we'll see tomorrow what will happen at the scan. I have started my progesterone support (PIO and pessaries) on Sunday as if everything is right on track for Friday. Again, I'm really relaxed about it all. It'll go whichever way it has to.

And today i spoke with the girl who would be happy to look after Patches when we are away. Just let me tell you that she is perfect for the job. Both herself and the boyfriend had cats before and they totally love them. She said she was happy that Patches was an indoor cat as she would have been very nervous at letting him out (music to my ears!) and that their cats were always in the bed with them so Patches' paradise really! Also she lives very near us and the Ultimate Vet Hero which is of comfort. About having her minding Patches in our place I think it wouldn't work out too well because we'll be away for over two weeks, so a bit too long. We'll talk to the Vet on Friday for her opinion. So far Patches is dong well on the lower dose of meds, so fingers crossed!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I had a dream the other night that my cycle was going to be cancelled on Wednesday because the lining had become too thick! The Fav Doctor in the dream was saying it was now 34mm! Right, that's not likely to happen but maybe I feel this cycle is busted anyhow. We'll know soon enough.

For now I'm enjoying the side effects of Viagra...oh man...How did I live before?? I'm not sure if it is because I'm on 4 tablets a day (what's a dose for a man anyway?) but the mojo is flying high!

Hem hem...moving on...

Patches seems to be still well, we have lowered the anti-inflammatory drugs, he's eating regularly but not much, it may even be that he's not a big eater. He's not losing or gaining weight for the moment so I'm not sure this is really normal. We'll go back to the Ultimate Vet Hero on Friday for a check up. It is also time to get him neutered, but again I'm not sure we can do it just yet. We are off on holidays in two and half weeks and I'm getting a bit worried about leaving him. We have found a lovely cattery but just two days ago one of my students' friend said she'd love to look after Patches when we are gone. Now... that's lovely of course, but Patches has special needs...I don't want her to feel guilty if he does get sick (the Vet thinks it's stress related so it's likely he'll go down hill a bit when we are gone) on the other hand, undivided attention may be better than solitude...again we'll ask the Vet on Friday.
Still no sign of the Dude, thanks to all of you for the kind advice, nothing seems to be bringing him home (and no advice is silly at all!!). We went up to the shelter and spoke with the girl who followed our kittens-adoption process. She said that maybe Patches is actually better off on his own given that he seemed to be sicker when the Dude was around...I don't know...we'll wait for while anyway.

It's holiday here today, so we are relaxing and enjoying the good weather (and sheets...)

BWUB, I'll post a pic of Zoolander soon!