Tuesday, November 27, 2012

4 months

Baby is due in exactly 5 months, which makes me 4 month pregnant today! I feel well, movements are still only a perception (sometimes I wonder if they are real at all) and the doppler is still a great reassurance little Phoenix's heart is ticking along. He's generally between 134 and 140 (counted by myself) so hopefully all is well. I check every couple of days for just one minute or so, I love hearing all the movements too! Belly is growing, will have to take another pic soon, but you know what's growing even more at an alarming pace? My boobs!! Had to go and get new bras on saturday, the D cup I was happily wearing till the end of Oliver's pregnancy has become a DD and the lady helping me said she would not be surprised if I'll have to get a E cup...you see, I love my boobs now, won't mind if they get to an E, but you know the way they then deflate horribly after pregnancy and breast feeding...there's no coming back from there! But still, it's all so so worth it.
We are nearing a decision on the beds for the second bedroom where Oliver will be transitioned ahead of Pheonix arrival. Still a few details to iron out but it's probably going to be an L-shape bunk bed with nice steps on the side!

And this is finally the last week of the teaching term, really looking forward to the end of the semester...three more days...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

17w2d OB appointment

It was actually yesterday, but I was so so tired when I got home I went to bed at 8.30!
The visit went well, my blood tests came back just fine, my urine is perfect and so is my blood pressure, I put on 2kg on his scale since the first visit 5 weeks before. I think it's good. I had heard Phoenix's heartbeat the night before so I was quite confident the baby would still be alive, but you know...the list of worries is endless, so I was still quite nervous.
And the scan was nice, Phoenix is so much bigger, we don't have measures but he really looked much more baby like, proportioned and all. Good HB also at 133bpm which is very similar to what i get at home by counting and looking at a clock... I am now certain that what I thought was movements is in fact movements. They are ever so light and completely occasional, I may feel them twice a day, just a light tap, but it so happened that I felt one while I was being scanned and so I saw  it on the screen just a second after I felt it (there is a slight delay in the ultrasound image with respect to realtime). We saw the baby moving, opening and closing his mouth, moving the legs and arms etc, all you want to see. I am really convinced he's a boy. But one thing I saw immediately was that it looked like the baby was already filling up all the space available...or there didn't seem to be much fluid in there. And for some weird reason I DIDN'T ASK. Now, Mike did say something like "It looks very crowded in there" to which the Dr. W answered "And yet you won't believe how much they can still stretch and grow". I asked about the placenta which was perfectly healthy. He said everything looked just fine, we got a couple of pics and we were on our way. We are already booked in for the high level scan at 20 weeks on the 12th of December, and I'm going back to the OB a week later.

And then I went home and started worrying about the little fluids and cursing myself for not having asked. How did I not asked is beyond me...I saw it, I immediately thought of it and worried and yet...maybe I was focussing more to see if everything in the baby looked normal to me that I just didn't ask...
So after a night of tossing and turning, googling all the googleable (never a good idea), this morning I called the secretary to see if she could pass on to the doctor my concern...I felt really stupid of course as I was just there, but she was lovely. She said that Dr. W is a very upfront person, if he had any concern at all he would have shared it with us, he would have brought me straight in for a higher level scan. If he said everything looked normal, he definitely meant it. She added "He is a very experienced ultrasound operator" which I of course knew. So I now feel reassured, but I decided to definitely monitor my water intake (I tend to get lazy...) and want to make my 2 L a day at least. Can't do any harm anyway, even if everything is just fine. And here's little Phoenix!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Irish laws

I don't know if it was reported in your Country, but there has been a tragic episode here in Ireland recently. A woman, 17 weeks pregnant, is admitted to hospital with contractions. She is found fully dilated and waters leaking. She is told she is going to lose the baby as he's too small.
The miscarriage is not happening fast, she is in great pain and her health conditions quickly worsen. She repeatedly asks for termination as this is horrendous. This is denied to her as in Ireland abortion is illegal and the foetus still had a heartbeat. Eventually the baby dies, she is rushed to theatre, but never recovers. An infection has set in and she dies three days later.

I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and this has shaken me down to the core.

For the last 20 years the Government has avoided legislation in this field. It is clear, legally, that if the life of the mother is in serious danger, termination can be performed. Take ectopic pregnancies for example. I know well I have been treated and treated effectively. But it's the term "serious" which is completely subjective.

Late miscarriages do happen, they are not too frequent thankfully, but they do happen. Not always the life of the mother is at risk obviously, but why why why doctors were not allowed to intervene to put an end to that poor woman's misery...there is no doubt that an earlier intervention would have saved her life. She was well upon admission, had no fever and no sign of infection. She was left 3 days suffering, uterus open and miscarriage just not happening. Apparently she was on antibiotics, but either they weren't strong enough or the infection spread too quickly once set in.

Nobody here is saying the doctors left her to die, I personally think that the judgement call was a very difficult one, it's not like they can foresee an infection, but can you imagine how horrific it is to be left "doing it on your own" when it's certain there is no hope for the baby? I mean, it's not like she was 23 weeks along and they were hoping she would make it to viability. 17 weeks people. 17. Fully dilated and with contractions. She wasn't treated to stop contractions, doctors knew there was no hope.

She was an Indian woman, a dentist, who travelled to Ireland with her husband (an engineer) as they thought it was a great place to have a family. I suspect the fact they were both educate made even more the news, though this is terrible to say.

I'm of course easily impressionable, now I think this can happen to me, I would just have to hope it doesn't and that if it does please God the doctors will be wiser.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

16w1d and other updates

All is well (I think) with Phoenix. I can't tell you how much I love being able to check for HB anytime I get a bit anxious. One week till the next appointment...will he have grown? Will everything be just fine? I truly hope so.

As for other updates, my IPhone5 arrived last week, I was so happy and exited about the new toy...and then Mike dropped it on the tiled floor of the kitchen...I was so tired and upset I couldn't speak. One corner is chipped. Bloody hell...I know it happens, but still...Anyway, Mike decided to take it and to buy me a new one. I have to wait at least three weeks for the next delivery. Ah well.

Oliver is doing very well, this autumn so far he's been healthy and happy, no strange bug going around the creche apparently. Loves his food and sleep, we did't have any other issue since the last time I talked about it, which is great. Yesterday we went shopping for a "big-boy bedroom", no much rush, but when Phoenix arrives we will need the nursery and so we are deciding what to put in our second bedroom which will suit two children. Oliver and Phoenix will share the room (yes, even if Phoenix is a girl) at least for a few years. I am so happy as I found a place in Dublin that sells Italian furniture at a reasonable price! We have not made a final decision by any means, but we think we are going to go for L-shaped bunk beds, they will maximise the space available and they look really modern too. I will post pics once we have it sorted. Next weekend it will be about picking the curtains for the room and possibly deciding on the painting of the walls. We have to get rid of what we have there at the moment so I'll put up for sale a big cat tree that Carlito never uses and a very nice organic cotton futon. Worst case, I'm sure our cleaning lady will have friends happy to take them away if we can't sell them. And I love renewing things around, I love not to have to rush about it too. Finally my new car should be arriving soon...we ordered it before the summer so it wasn't quick by any means! Latest I heard is that it should be delivered by the end of the month, which means I won't register it till January (no point in ageing the car one year for a month). Which means I have to try and sell my car too! woohooo! That will be a challenge as it's a left-hand-drive and here we drive on the left with right-hand-drive cars...but who knows, I'll give it a go anyway.
Love to all.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

15 weeks pregnancy update

Nothing much to report in this past week on the pregnancy front. I think I am a little less tired which is nice. I occasionally listen to Phoenix's heartbeat which is very reassuring, but I leave to counting to once a week. So today I said, I may as well do a full update, weight, HB frequency and belly pic!

I'm up in weight about 4 kg which is a significant improvement with respect to the previous experience where by this time I was up 6.5 Kg. Of course one part of me thinks "is there something wrong??" but let me tell you, it's a very very small part of me! I also started a bit heavier than the last pregnancy, so I can call it even.
Then today finding the HB was a challenge. It really took ages and I think whichever way Phoenix was turned I had to filter out his HB from my whooosh whooosh whooosh. Eventually I could hear it very clearly and it clocked in at 140bpm, nice and bang on average!

I still crave sweet things, and occasionally I can go for crisps (very rarely I give in though!). We have started telling people, sort of when the occasion comes up and not really calling anyone up on purpose. My colleagues were super delighted for me, still I have to tell two of them I really want to know from me, then the others can find out as it becomes more obvious.

No movements yet, though at time I think I am feeling something but it could be just a bubble.

And here it is, my belly pic! Looks quite comparable to the same at 15 weeks with Oliver, I seem to really starting to show around 17 weeks. For now, it looks like a bloated stomach!