Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Italy here we come

We are off tomorrow and it will be interesting travelling with two little ones! I don't foresee any problem, we are veterans by now and Martina is easily transported at this young age. We celebrated 7 weeks yesterday and I brought her in for a weight check which was great with just a few grams shy of 4kg, breast-feeding must be working so!

We are back in 10 days, I'm not sure how much internet access I will have (we are staying in the holiday place in the countryside) but I'll do my best to check in on my cyber-friends.
Love to all


  1. Have a good trip, enjoy the countryside and the weather (and the food and family time)

    Was is hard to get Martina's passport picture taken?

  2. Hav a wonderful and relaxing time in Italy! I'll wave when you fly over our heads tomorrow ;-)

  3. Enjoy your trip!

    Now that I see it, with a little bit of experience, transporting kids is easier when they are babies. Of course, I did not think the same when Figlia was a baby, but now I know better.

    Have fun!

  4. Have a fantastic trip!! Safe travels to you guys. Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

  5. Good luck with the flight. I hope both children behave beautifully. Have a safe and wonderful trip!

    Much love

  6. Have fun! I hope the travels go smoothly!

  7. Thinking of you and hoping your holiday is going wonderfully!


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