Saturday, April 12, 2014

The silence

I am still here and still reading you all. I am not sure if I have anything interesting to say any more, I think recording a new tooth, a first step or another flu may be relevant to me and perhaps the grandparents but I can see how this is of very little interest to the blogging community, so I'm not posting as much.

Anyhow, I am just back from a trip to Madrid, it was for work, but I brought Oliver with me and my parent met me there so it was lovely for all of us. I find it is really important for me to carve quality time with Oliver. he loves it of course and so do I. His vocabulary in both languages is excellent, we can have lovely conversations which can go off on a tangent at any moment. I love his curiosity and candidness.

Selfie in the breakfast room of the hotel which was really
a fab gluten free bakery!

He is having a "good boy" stint, so we don't have to deal with many tantrums thankfully and  travelling with him on my own is absolutely no problem. Hopefully this will last!

And as of me, I am well, therapy had helped a lot, I will go again next week, and possibly every two weeks. I have another physical symptom, not sure what it is, maybe my stomach/bowel and (most of the time) I don't panic. I will have it checked out if it continues, but I am amazingly just thinking it may be a bit of gastritis. Hopefully anyway!

Martina did very well at home with Mike but we are very happy to be all together again. Tomorrow we are going to an event organised by our fertility clinic, they are celebrating their 17th year in business and are having a get together with all the children and families who are going. As we have been so open about our journey, I'm really looking forward to it and curious to see if there's anyone else there I know!


  1. I like the selfie! Things are pretty mundane around here too. If you could send me the name of the under arm thermometer you use that would be great. I'm curious to know if they have the same kind here.

    Have fun at the party. I hadn't considered you might see someone you know there!

  2. Just a thought about therapy / you and Oliver doing better now:
    is there a correlation between you feeling low /catastophising , putting on a brave face towards him and his tantrums? My temp boss claimed his very young son acted up when he was hiding his own feelings from his son...

    Glad to read you are having quality time, not only with your son but with your parents too

  3. Thanks Fran! I found that thermometer on amazon and will be ordering it. I'll be ready for the next bug. :-)

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