Sunday, May 25, 2014

Meeting Maddy!

Today I met Maddy (Lateforaveryimportantpregnancy)!! I was so happy and even though it was just for a short time it was brilliant. She was in Dublin for a short visit and so happened that she was staying in a hotel on my side of town and so even if very last minute I could pop over to say hello!

Anyway, like when I met Valery, Rain and BestWhenUsedBy it felt like meeting old friends. She is lovely as I was expecting, and so beautiful too! I hope she will be back blogging as I miss her.


  1. How cool is that!
    And I do remember our text messaging, trying to explain what we looked like and what clothes we were wearing when we tried to find each other.

    1. So true!! And we talked about you as we both follow your blog!! It was just fab talking about common cyberfriends and I remember we did the same when we met! This is a great community!


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