Sunday, July 13, 2014

The business experience

I am back, I am so happy to say that my return journey was upgraded to business class! For me that I have always travelled in economy it was fab! Pity the journey was too short to enjoy a good sleep, but my God, what a difference, the food, the service, the lounge in the airport...

The conference was good, I networked a lot and it may be possible for me to spend a few months sabbatical next year in UC Davis in California. That would be another dream becoming true, I'll try and figure out this week what do I have to do at my university, but this gave me a very nice and important focus work-wise. The weather in Rhode Island was very good, warm but breezy so overall really pleasant. This is the last time at that location, this conference will be moving to Maine in two years time, looking forward to a bit more life and the ocean view! One highlight of the trip was meeting a cyberfriend and her daughter!! Really lovely afternoon with them and the time just flew by.

Health-wise I have had the usual abdominal pain, not good but not worse than normal, I have started joining a few boards on IBS and see how I can tame it a bit.

I don't know if you remember that two years ago I came back to Dublin and Oliver had been admitted to hospital after spiking a very high fever. Well, this year I came back to Martina with chickenpox! Not as dramatic thankfully and the worse was probably over, but the funny thing was that I was collected at the airport by the same taxi driver as two years ago!!

My parents flew back this morning, they had a lovely time and just as well they were here to help between the sickness and the Mike having to work, it was a great help.

Right, that's about it for now, I'll be back soon!


  1. I have only traveled in business class once, and it was for a 2 hour flight...but it does make a difference. When McRuger travels to Asia, his company always buys him a business class ticket...I'm always jealous. I'm glad you had a decent time! And that the hurricane didn't impact your plans. Davis!!! That's awfully close to me (hurray!!).

  2. yay for meeting cyberfriends! And how nice to have some focus for work too, I always like to work towards something.
    Good to hear you so bubbly, so glad your anxiety seems so much better (from where I read of course)
    Hurrah for Mike getting along with your parents, I'm afraid my mother would drive DP mad within two days with her incessant talking!

  3. First or business class is the way to go! We were really spoiled when my husband worked for a very large airline--all our trips were first class.

    Poor Martina! Do they vaccinate for chicken pox there? I think it's a two part vaccine here. I remember having them when I was three. It was miserable.

    Hope the UC Davis thing works out for you!

  4. So glad you had a great trip. If you end up at UC MUST get in touch. I am very close to there and our fave Fertility Clinic where our babies came to be is right there near the campus! close to San Fransisco and Lake Tahoe and some really great CA sights. Sorry Martina got the Chicken pox. Luckily kids usually breeze through that pretty well. Welcome home and I hope your tummy issues get sorted out. Have you considered going Gluten Free? I know so many people who have had good digestive results from that.


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