Monday, January 26, 2015

#MicroblogsMonday: Oliver's sleep, dry nights and Fulbright

Oliver's sleep has much improved. We went to visit FIL this weekend and Oliver seemed very very happy to share the room with Martina. In fact he insisted to sleep in the same room as her. Didn't wake up till 7.45 am and it was the best weekend away we ever had from that point of view. When we came home on sunday night we moved Martina's bed into his room and again there was not a problem. Maybe we found a very simple solution? Maybe he was just lonely? Time will tell! With proper sleep and proper routine he is back to be a lovely child 99.5% of the time and we are all much more relaxed.

Another thing I didn't update the blog about was the fact that while Oliver has been dry at night almost always, we would have had accidents happening every so often and so we kept him in a nappy just in case. When we came back from Italy he said: "Mamma I don't want to have a nappy anymore, I'm 4 now and I can wear underpants at night. I will not have an accident" and he never did. My big boy!

Finally, 4 days till the Fulbright interview. A bit nervous, mostly about the fact that this week is so so full in work I won't have time to pee and I'm afraid by the time friday comes it'll be a miracle if I can put two sentences together....


  1. Fingers crossed you've hit upon a simple sleep solution for your family. Sweet dreams!

  2. Glad you have found an easy sleep solution!

  3. Sending really good thoughts for the Fullbright interview!

    Congratulations on finding that sleep solution.

  4. What good news!! That sounds just heavenly to me! Bedtime is a huge production in our house! Although I have two pretty good sleepers. Good luck with the Fulbright! Where will you be going if you get it?


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