Friday, July 17, 2015

The negotiating part

On monday I got an email from the Head of School in Nottingham with an informal offer...HR wants us to agree before they make me an official offer. This already sounds like they don't want to chance me getting a counter offer from my current university.

The offer was shit. Like borderline offensive actually. The salary was lower (a lot) than my current salary, they proposed a start up package which was less than what I got in 2006 when I got my first academic job. Insane. I was so so furious. This was not serious at all, already I was considering a lower academic grade than what I had applied for, the least I was expecting was an offer at the top of the scale, personnel and equipment. So after a long consideration I wrote a very long email back expressing all my disappointment and saying that at this conditions I just could not see the benefit of moving. I got an email very soon after saying there was some room to improve the offer but not much.

I practically gave up. I am not sure they can meet my minimum requirements (which are non negotiable) and if we are just talking about them with no additional benefit I am not sure it is worth at all. So here I am waiting but not really feeling great about this. The more time passed the more I'm actually pissed off with the whole process. Yes, yes it is an experience, I know. But to decide after the interview that my cv (my cv! Not my performance, not my research) was a bit too junior sounds like bs. Surely they knew my cv backwards by the time I got to be interviewed. My conclusion is that they want me cheap and I'm not willing to move without benefits for my career. I am not that desperate, I have tenure in my University, I have a very well oiled group that runs smoothly even if I'm at the other side of the world, no way I'm starting from scratch. The UK university is probably better than mine, but it's not Harvard. Worst case I'll stay put and keep looking.


  1. That was unexpected! I didn't see this coming....after flying you over and all. What a let down. Not sure how pay develops over career in the UK, but generally a low starting point means you will have a lower outcome even after a few years. And if they don't respect you now, that is a bad start.
    Indeed, do not be desperate, be firm and be yourself!

  2. I'm behind, but first off congrats on getting the job offer. Boo on the offer. That really sucks. I wonder if flying out out there was to build up the atmosphere and university while they knew it would be a low offer, so they were counting on you already feeling invested in working there? Either way, stand your ground. I wouldn't want to start over at the bottom either. Especially with what you have now.

  3. I just retread the first part. Yeah, that's shit. Why on earth would you agree BEFORE getting a formal offer?

  4. This all sounds very shady to me. How could they possibly think that you would take a cut in pay and status and move your family? There just does not sound like a lot of benefit to you...just them. Don't settle, you will only regret it.


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