Friday, July 14, 2017

Still low

It seems this blog has yet again taken the role of holding my sorrow...
I am not doing much better than the last time. Sometimes I think I am and then... bang! another rejection  (two would you believe it since the last time I wrote) another sign that my ship has sailed and now they are investing in younger researchers, those that probably will have a much brighter future.

I don't know how to snap out of this status, I feel the institution where I work now has lured me in, got me on the cheap, and now not really investing in me. Why would they do this I wonder? And how can I change it? And more importantly, where do I find the energy to keep smiling and act the Rachel "gracious loser face"?


  1. As a fellow academician, I feel your pain.

    Are you on a contract? How long will it last?

    They must have seen your worth, that's why they hired you. Can't you talk to a higher up about it?

    Can you look for other places?

    My writing forte is cases, but the scoring system followed here gives penny weightage to cases (as deemed by the government norms). So my ace is actually not helping my resume, even though cases are a very popular way of bring real life situations to the classroom.

    Let's dedicate our next cup of tea/coffee to professional meh.

  2. My position is permanent but in the UK they have started firing people if they fail to bring in grants. I don't think I am at that stage yet but this year has not gone well at all despite many applications. These last two in particular, felt raw because they were basically between quite a small circle of applications and clearly others were favoured. I doubt it was purely on the proposal to be honest. So yes, let's have a coffee to the professional meh!


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