Monday, December 13, 2010

34 weeks down, 6 to go!

My little honeydew is definitely growing! I have to say after the initial MASSIVE appearance of stretch marks on my boobs I have not suffered any others on the is still too soon to tell I suppose, but I thought I make a note of it for now. Still having plenty of Braxton Hicks, getting up much more often for peeing and I'm eating plenty. My weight is probably a bit higher than the last week but as it's not officially a full Kg I'll keep it at +15kg for now! Following the advice of the midwife who did the pre-natal I've started drinking raspberry leaf tea (I had used it in the past for menstrual cramps). She assured us it won't start labour, but after 34 weeks it should help toning the uterus, so there you go!

You guys were asking about pictures, well I don't have any really, I didn't know but at this gestational age is much more difficult to get a proper shot...we saw the belly, the cord, the head etc but no real profile view to talk about. I do have 3 pics which show the fluid (the deepest pocket), the cord flow and the edge of the placenta, but they are not very interesting I'm afraid. I'll post them though just for the blog records!

Other interesting measurements were:
BPD 83.5 mm
HC 306.8 mm
AC 285.8 mm
FL 67.1 mm

Estimated foetal weight 2.2 Kg (4lb 13oz)

PI 0.83
RI 0.56
S/D 2.26
HB 134bpm

Do you know much about the numbers? They are all within ranges as far as I can tell (the femur is above average, while everything else is slightly below average) but I decided not to do too much research as I know I will obsess (yet again!).

Next visit is tomorrow with the OB. As Mike is away I didn't take a 34w photo yesterday (boohoo) so I'll be posting the next set on Sunday at 35w.

Attic is also coming along, two more weeks and we should move back in!! I'll post the series of pics then.

Finally I've to admit I've given up yoga... first it was the snow and then the icy roads, today I'm just thinking I may as well save the petrol...I really didn't like the teacher, I have only mentioned it once I think how I thought it was a waste of time, as it hasn't got any better unfortunately. I'm doing my Kegel exercises and I want to start on perineal massages soon, that'll have to do!


  1. Wow, 34 wks! Yay! So glad things are still going fine. Hope you can move back in to your house before baby comes!!

  2. 34 weeks - you're getting so close!

  3. You're doing great, my friend! Getting to the final stretch!!! So exciting! I emailed you at your on the blog address! Don't go to yoga if you don't want to - no stress! Looking forward to seeing your 35 wk pic and the renovations too! Sounds like that is all going very smoothly!

  4. So glad to see things moving right along for you. What a precious little baby. Can't wait for the big day. Still thinking and praying for you.

  5. glad things are going well. keep it up sweet honeydew baby.

  6. I don't know if I should tell you this, but I didn't know how many stretch marks I had until after my daughter was born. lol! And some of them I didn't find until months and months and months later. It is so sad to see the total devastation sometimes, but it was completely worth every single one of them.

    I seriously can't wait to see the attic pictures. How exciting! And just in time for Christmas!

  7. Holy Smokes 34wks...Where is time going? We will be holding these babes in no time:)

    Im so happy all test are coming back good...Take Care!!!


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