Monday, December 6, 2010

Still alive and 33 weeks!

We had really severe weather so college only reopened today! In the temporary apartment I have no broadband and updating from the phone is not great, hence the silence!

First of all, thank you for your kind comments on MIL, after a shaky couple of days she is doing brilliantly, she's in great form and the physiotherapist is so impressed with her progress (she's can transfer herself from the bed to the wheelchair unassisted) that they are talking of sending her to a rehab structure within a week! This people is once again a sign of what a fantastic woman she is. FIL is the one that seems to cope worse and hopefully he'll come to term with it soon.
On the other relatives I have no updates, it seems that in one case all is clear thankfully while in the other we still don't know.

And I just noticed that little Elvis is as big as a honeydew!! This is the second last fruit!! Amazing.
So some update on the pregnancy. I am definitely more tired. Similar to how I felt in the first trimester with the added weight though. And talking about weight...the scale said I'm up another kg so I've hit +15 eek!! Ah well, not too bothered really, I will work to lose the weight afterwards! I'm having cramps in my calves and don't sleep that well at all. I do get up at least twice a night for a pee and a sip of water, I have stuffed nose and occasional headaches....but I'll take anything that comes my way!
Another thing is that Mike pointed out at the weekend that I have a "line" developing below my bellybutton! It's the linea nigra!! It's barely visible and nothing like what some ladies get, but still I like it! According to this website which reports all the old wives' tales this would mean that Elvis is an Elvissina! Same as the heart rate and the fact that I'm craving for sweet things....mmhhh not long now until we know...
Movements are very regular, sometime really ticklish when Elvis rolls his foot to my side!

Mike is going to Mexico on friday boohooo between a bit of anxiety about his trip and the fact that he'll be missing the scan and the next OB visit I'm not doing too well on that front, but I'm sure it'll be ok.

Next on the agenda is the big scan on friday (placenta check and measurements etc).

...and mom is coming this evening!! So that I won't be alone when Mike is away! So that's very nice.

Finally the attic is progressing at the speed of light, they are starting plastering today! Woohoo! This means all the major jobs are finished and I absolutely love the place!


  1. Only peeing twice a night? I am jealous! LOL. So glad things are still going well. I can't believe how close you are! And you had better post more pics soon!

  2. Elvissina - oh, could it be??? So exciting!

  3. With your MIL's great attitude, I bet she does really well in rehab. And hopefully your FIL will see that and feel better about it.

    33 weeks! Your baby will be here before you know it! My linea nigra was fairly light too, but I still have a shadow of it. My OB said it fades over time.

    I hope Mike's trip is safe and goes well and he's home soon. And I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of you AND the new attic!

  4. I hear you girl...I have been so tired...worse then my first trimester...Yet not able to sleep because I have so much on my mind:)

    Glad all is well...Take Care!!!

  5. Fran, it's great to read your update. I've been wondering how you've been getting on with all that snow! Yikes. Ireland looked a lot like the North Pole for awhile there.

    And a honeydew! So glad you are getting lots of nice, reassuring, ticklish movement. I didn't know that old wives tale about the linea! Interesting. Have you had any dreams about the baby's sex? (Not that those necessarily mean anything...)

  6. Yeah for everything on this post!!! Elvissina, hummmm...I like it!!!
    Thanks for your words of advice, seeing as your baby is the size of a melon I should listen. I need to send positive vibes to my apple seed!

  7. Great news! I had forgotten about the god awful sinus issues I had when pregnant - hope they don't get too bad for you! Can't wait to see attic pics and very glad about MIL!


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