Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where is the time going?

Since I'm back in work it seems like my days are just piled up onto one another...I have been to London this past weekend, enjoying a fabulous spa in Covent Garden with my best friend from Italy. We have been meeting up once a year somewhere this since I moved to Ireland 10 years ago. Of course I see her when I go back home, but this is like our treat. Last year we went to the same spa and it was just before my hysteroscopy which preceded my FET and then pregnancy. So it was great to be back and we really enjoyed our trip. It was also my first time away from Oliver overnight but it went well. Next time it'll be in a couple of weeks as I have to fly to Barcelona for work. Again it'll be just one night.

I want to do a post soon on cloth diapers (CD) as my original choice (after researching it for ages) turned out not to be the best and so now I've moved to a different system. Hopefully this weekend I'll manage!

On the attic. That's going to be our guest room, so if you visit let me know!

Oliver is doing great, he gets himself up to standing and almost crawls properly (seems to prefer the commando style!) and he's great great fun and ever so adorable.

Finally there seems to have been a Dude's sighting from one of my neighbours...who knows, I'll keep you posted!


  1. So glad you got to spend time away at the spa with your friend! We mommy's need our time away too.

    If I ever get a chance to go to Ireland, I would love to stay in your attic!! ha!

    My little guy is also pulling himself up and still crawling commando style too!

    Hope there's more sighting for Dude and he makes it home :)

  2. Which spa do you go to? I was looking for a good place to go last June but didn't have any recommendations - so I went to Dune and bought some great shoes!

    I have to travel for 5 days next month and I am dreading it. I hope I have wi-fi for lots of skype calls at night!

  3. I can't wait to hear all about your cloth diapers story. I'm getting ready to switch over. I know! We should finally Skype about it! :-)

  4. Ohhhh, a weekend spa trip sounds wonderful! And so nice to spend time with your friend. I'll look forward to your diaper post and I hope the Dude find his way home at last!


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