Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Santa...I can explain!

Only a few more days and we are off for our Christmas holidays! We are going to Italy, spend Christmas with my family and then we are all going skiing. I. Can't. Wait.

Oliver was back to full form and we brought him back to the crèche on monday. He had to settle back in, I suppose in an almost one year old, a full week out of the day care is a big part of his life! But he was fine, really. We found out on monday that they were organising a Christmas party for the children on thursday. One thing was Oliver had to wear a red outfit. Of course we had none in the house. On wedensday I miraculously found two Christmassy long sleeved vests. One white with red profiles and the other one the other way around. I also found in a bag given to us from a colleague a pair of red trousers and we were in business. Here a few shots of the party!

The babies from two rooms were together

This is Cian, Oliver's best friend (they are only 2 days apart) and partner in crime!

I thought the writing on the vest was so so cute!

All in all we had a great time. 

In work we are in the mist of exams, panicking students, corrections etc. But as of three minutes ago I have finished all my correcting. Whohoo for me! Mike on the other hand...knee deep in correcting. Ah well.. 
I also had my group Christmas lunch which went well. Despite me not being in work full time for almost 8 months we had a lot to celebrate research-wise and so we did. To many more productive years.

How are getting on with Christmas presents? Somehow I'm doing remarkably well. Mike is sorted out and so are his nephews whom we'll see tomorrow. I know what I'm getting for my sister and parents too. The only one I don't know what to get is Oliver!! One part of me says "Jeez is not even one and has all he needs" but the other part says "What mother am I not getting him anything for Christmas? And don't forget it's his birthday in two weeks!". Suggestions?


  1. I must say, I am insanely jealous of your holiday in Italy! I hope you have a great time!

    Congrats on being done with exams...truly a feat!

    As for Oliver, why don't you get him things that he won't need for a while, so you're spending money now on what he won't need for another 6 months or so. Or you could always do what my mom did on my first Christmas....she wrapped up one or two new toys, and then wrapped up a whole bunch of toys I already had. Sigh....

    Happy Christmas!

  2. I didn't get P a damn thing. Broke...but the grandparents will be in full form, and he won't remmeber it. And gifts aren't what it's about :-) Love you darlin. Happy Holidays!

  3. We got Little G a Fisher Price kitchen toy and a couple of small things for her stocking. I know it won't mean anything to her, but I have to have at least one gift under the tree from Santa for her.

  4. The party for Oliver looked so festive and colorful!

    You know, Scout doesn't need a thing for Christmas either. Good grief, he has more clothes, toys, books and STUFF than one child should have. But it is Christmas. And the family already sent him tons of things. We got him a standing basketball hoop, a kiddy soccer net (that shouts "Goal!" when the ball hits the target), a potty seat (something practical), a new little football (he does like balls, after all), and several other little things. The thing is, even without all the gifts to unwrap, Oliver already has the best gift of all....your love.

    Merry Christmas, my friend, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Italy.

  5. The photos are so sweet:) I'm glad that Oliver is better, and can imagine he's happy to be back to creche and socializing with other bubs. And well done on the marking. It's such a wonderful moment, isn't it? I always feel tremendous accomplishment at having it behind me. Now you can look forward to a wonderful Christmas and ski holiday!

    (I haven't been skiing for several years...miss it like crazy).

  6. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy your hard earned break!

  7. Wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy new year Fran. I have missed you and your blog and hearing about Oliver. But i am back now and can't wait to hear more. xx


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