Thursday, December 1, 2011


My baby is eleven month old today! Still no teeth! He is now pulling himself to standing on anything that seems stable enough, crawling better on all four and almost no commando style. He has a friend in the crèche from whom he's picking up a lot of funny expressions! He has a very cute way of wrinkling his nose now when he's very happy about something and making a peculiar breathing sound. He started clucking a couple of days ago, still loves the bath and he's sleeping very well through the night (though he's started complaining when put down to bed). No words yet as such, but making lots of cute sounds and exploring new syllables. He's also very affectionate, laughs a lot (specially if tickled!) and when at home Carlito is his best friend. Below three of my favourite pics!


  1. Oh my, he will be one in a month!!! My little guy has no teeth either.

    I love that last picture. His facial expression is just so cute!

  2. The clucking is so awesome. Is the breathing thing like an excited hyperventilating? P does that right before he does the raptor shriek. It is amazing to think all of this will transition into talking and conversation! Happy 11 months Oliver!

  3. Congratulations on the milestone!

    I've nominated your blog for an award - you can head on over to my site to pick it up!

    xoxo's from across the pond,

    IVF Buggy

  4. And there will be a birthday party in the home in exactly one month! Happy eleven months, O.

    He has a wonderful smile!

  5. Happy eleven months big boy! By the sounds of it, Bubba and Oliver would be best of buds :)

  6. Oh he is such a big boy now!! Very handsome :)


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