Saturday, October 27, 2012

Second trimester

Today, according to my phone app, I'm starting the second trimester! No more bleeding since last tuesday and I have listened a couple of times to Phoenix heartbeat so all seems good.
This is a long weekend here (monday is holiday), we bought Oliver a winter coat (it's freezing!) and we'll be going to a Halloween party at some friends' tomorrow. We'll also start sharing the news with friends and I think I'm starting to show a bit (still no belly pic taken, but it'll happen soon).

Clock is going back tonight which means from tomorrow it'll be dark really soon here and it'll be time for hot chocolate...yummy! I love this time of the year, in fact I think I love all seasons, but Autumn is just different. The red leaves, the darkness, the chill in the air and the occasional is magic!


  1. ohhhh yes, hot chocolate, good times....
    and welcome in the second trimester!
    Enjoy sharing the news.

    PS Phoenix: you are tooooo young to play tricks for Halloween! Just enjoy those beautiful legs you have now and start practising kicking.
    Grasshopper is itching for a game!

  2. I love Autumn! Happy Halloween, too. Congratulations on the second Trimester, my dear. These last few weeks will seem to fly by comparison.

  3. Oh Fran, congratulations on T2!!! This is where all your worries magically dissapear isn't it? !! I hope so, I'm counting on you to show me how it's done :)
    I love autumn too, it's such a pretty time of the year. We are opposite to you, so things are just warming up for us so I've put my hot chocolates away and am looking forward to things like fruit smoothies!
    Hope you have a great halloween.

  4. Such good news, my friend! Looking forward to a belly pic and hope your fall is filled with pretty leaves, mist and hot chocolate:)

  5. Fran, so glad to read this. This is wonderful news. May your own little hot water bottle keep you warm in the crisp days to come.

  6. I'm glad things are moving along and that the spotting has stopped. Congratulations on being in the 2nd trimester!

  7. Yay! for the 2T. I hope you will have a fun Halloween party and will enjoy breaking the news to your friends:)

  8. Woohoo for making it to the second trimester! That is a big milestone, and a happy one. I can't wait to get to that one myself in a couple weeks.

    I agree, fall is awesome and "rocksome." I was actually thinking of making hot chocolate last night. Great minds think alike!


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