Monday, October 15, 2012

The OB meets Phoenix

I had the most reassuring visit with the OB today. Dr. Wonderful was as lovely as I remembered. We had the usual chit chat on my history but he had all my files on the previous pregnancy and from the hospital so it was quick. Then I showed him our NT results, he thought they were actually quite good. He said the major factor in the risk calculation is still given by my age (more than the NT measurements and the bloods), so it would have been impossible to have stats as good as with Oliver. He thinks that for my age our numbers are good but still wrote down the risk and made a note for the 20 weeks scan. I mentioned before he is a experienced ultrasound operator, he scanned a cyber friend of mine from a local board to rule out her foetus for retinoblastoma, this is something so difficult to do in utero, actually people travel from afar to have his opinion. He said T13 can definitely be diagnosed by ultrasound, T18 is very likely to have markers also (even though not always) and T21 occasionally can be diagnosed in utero but not so often. I asked him if he would recommend an amnio. He said he personally wouldn't but it's our decision. In his opinion our numbers are good and much better than the chance of miscarriage the amnio has. Is it worth it? So I trust him and we'll wait and see. I mentioned my concerns about the low PAPP-A, once again he was so knowledgeable I felt really reassured. Again he made a note of it for closer monitoring on baby's growth, but said the association between low PAPP-A and issues is quite minimal, maybe a 5% of pregnancy with low PAPP-A has then some problems but most of the pregnancies are absolutely fine. Then he gave me a quick scan and Phoenix looked bigger and we listen briefly to the HB which sounded strong and regular. Dr. W commented also on how thin the nuchal fold looked and how everything looked perfectly normal and healthy. I also got my bloods done already, so the results will be there for the next time.
My next apt is in 5 weeks, I have re-read my blog posts on how poorly I coped with the waiting the last time, somehow I hope this time I'll be better! I also already have the doppler at home so in a week or so I'll give it a go to reassure myself!
I have not said anything in work yet, may just wait another couple of weeks to be out of the first trimester before sharing. Also, I have not taken one single belly shot yet...not good! Poor Phoenix, already been treated differently!


  1. Great news all around, Frannie Fran! You must feel so much better! So glad Dr. Wonderfu continues to live up to the name!! :)

  2. So nice to have such a doctor give good news!
    Time goes faster the second time. Do take that belly shot. Ten years from now, when you'll have the time to look at photos, you'll be thankful you got it. :-)

  3. Do you already have a belly to take pictures of?!? I'm only just thinking of taking pictures, figure you wouldn't see much to begin with....
    (then again, everyone is different, and I'm a lot taller ;-) more space to hide a bump.
    yay for good news and reassurance.

  4. I'm so glad to read this update. Woohoo for a fantastic update!

  5. Dr. Wonderful sounds like he truly lives up to his name, Fran. We also had discomforting numbers for our NT scan with our O, but all was well in the end (though, I did end up having the amnio). I think waiting makes a lot of sense. For the T21, I could be imagining this...but have I recently heard about a bloodtest that can detect it? I could swear I did, towards the end of my pregnancy. (Though, perhaps this is the working of my hopeful mind).

    Sorry I've been so absent from commenting lately. But I'm so glad that things are going well.

  6. So glad you had a wonderful appointment! Yes, I'm sure the 2nd pregnancy is way different from Oliver's. That's ok!!!

  7. Congratulations fran on a really reassuring appt with Dr wonderful. xxx


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