Tuesday, November 20, 2012

17w2d OB appointment

It was actually yesterday, but I was so so tired when I got home I went to bed at 8.30!
The visit went well, my blood tests came back just fine, my urine is perfect and so is my blood pressure, I put on 2kg on his scale since the first visit 5 weeks before. I think it's good. I had heard Phoenix's heartbeat the night before so I was quite confident the baby would still be alive, but you know...the list of worries is endless, so I was still quite nervous.
And the scan was nice, Phoenix is so much bigger, we don't have measures but he really looked much more baby like, proportioned and all. Good HB also at 133bpm which is very similar to what i get at home by counting and looking at a clock... I am now certain that what I thought was movements is in fact movements. They are ever so light and completely occasional, I may feel them twice a day, just a light tap, but it so happened that I felt one while I was being scanned and so I saw  it on the screen just a second after I felt it (there is a slight delay in the ultrasound image with respect to realtime). We saw the baby moving, opening and closing his mouth, moving the legs and arms etc, all you want to see. I am really convinced he's a boy. But one thing I saw immediately was that it looked like the baby was already filling up all the space available...or there didn't seem to be much fluid in there. And for some weird reason I DIDN'T ASK. Now, Mike did say something like "It looks very crowded in there" to which the Dr. W answered "And yet you won't believe how much they can still stretch and grow". I asked about the placenta which was perfectly healthy. He said everything looked just fine, we got a couple of pics and we were on our way. We are already booked in for the high level scan at 20 weeks on the 12th of December, and I'm going back to the OB a week later.

And then I went home and started worrying about the little fluids and cursing myself for not having asked. How did I not asked is beyond me...I saw it, I immediately thought of it and worried and yet...maybe I was focussing more to see if everything in the baby looked normal to me that I just didn't ask...
So after a night of tossing and turning, googling all the googleable (never a good idea), this morning I called the secretary to see if she could pass on to the doctor my concern...I felt really stupid of course as I was just there, but she was lovely. She said that Dr. W is a very upfront person, if he had any concern at all he would have shared it with us, he would have brought me straight in for a higher level scan. If he said everything looked normal, he definitely meant it. She added "He is a very experienced ultrasound operator" which I of course knew. So I now feel reassured, but I decided to definitely monitor my water intake (I tend to get lazy...) and want to make my 2 L a day at least. Can't do any harm anyway, even if everything is just fine. And here's little Phoenix!


  1. I hope you may get a hold on the doctor to ask about the fluids. I would rather think they would have mentioned if there would be anything significant on the scan, but I BTDT regarding the worries. It's better to ask. I hope you will get the answer soon. (((HUGS)))

  2. I think they are all more or less used to "silly" questions from pregnant women. Yours is not even silly really. But on the other hand, checking fluid is one of the major points on the must be checked list. I am sure you would have been told something about it,even if under the guise of advice or sth. And yay for movement! :-)

  3. Good news on the movement! I don't blame you for being worried about the fluid. We have to worry. It's in our make up. I bet it's fine but I hope you get an answer! Can't wait for the next scan! Will we all find out the sex? Me, nosy!!!
    Xoxo big hugs, my friend!

  4. So glad to read that everything is fine. Low amnio is not something that a seasoned Dr. would miss on the u/s so I think you are just fine! (There's my educated opinion ;)) I get why you would worry though.

    Take care, can't wait to hear your next update.

  5. Fran, I am exactly the same. I worry and then kick myself (for days) for not voicing those worries. I'm glad you called. It was the right thing to do. And even gladder that the scan went well (and that you have the reassurance of movement!).

  6. Oh Fran, I'm so pleased you were given the extra reassurance, its definitely better to ask the question than sit and worry and wonder, so i'm pleased you phoned to check. Seems like Phoenix is behaving himself very well in there, which i am so pleased to learn. x

  7. Sounds and looks like Phoenix is growing right along! You are almost at the half way mark. Wow!


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