Sunday, November 11, 2012

16w1d and other updates

All is well (I think) with Phoenix. I can't tell you how much I love being able to check for HB anytime I get a bit anxious. One week till the next appointment...will he have grown? Will everything be just fine? I truly hope so.

As for other updates, my IPhone5 arrived last week, I was so happy and exited about the new toy...and then Mike dropped it on the tiled floor of the kitchen...I was so tired and upset I couldn't speak. One corner is chipped. Bloody hell...I know it happens, but still...Anyway, Mike decided to take it and to buy me a new one. I have to wait at least three weeks for the next delivery. Ah well.

Oliver is doing very well, this autumn so far he's been healthy and happy, no strange bug going around the creche apparently. Loves his food and sleep, we did't have any other issue since the last time I talked about it, which is great. Yesterday we went shopping for a "big-boy bedroom", no much rush, but when Phoenix arrives we will need the nursery and so we are deciding what to put in our second bedroom which will suit two children. Oliver and Phoenix will share the room (yes, even if Phoenix is a girl) at least for a few years. I am so happy as I found a place in Dublin that sells Italian furniture at a reasonable price! We have not made a final decision by any means, but we think we are going to go for L-shaped bunk beds, they will maximise the space available and they look really modern too. I will post pics once we have it sorted. Next weekend it will be about picking the curtains for the room and possibly deciding on the painting of the walls. We have to get rid of what we have there at the moment so I'll put up for sale a big cat tree that Carlito never uses and a very nice organic cotton futon. Worst case, I'm sure our cleaning lady will have friends happy to take them away if we can't sell them. And I love renewing things around, I love not to have to rush about it too. Finally my new car should be arriving soon...we ordered it before the summer so it wasn't quick by any means! Latest I heard is that it should be delivered by the end of the month, which means I won't register it till January (no point in ageing the car one year for a month). Which means I have to try and sell my car too! woohooo! That will be a challenge as it's a left-hand-drive and here we drive on the left with right-hand-drive cars...but who knows, I'll give it a go anyway.
Love to all.


  1. Exciting time at home, it sounds. Looking forward to reading about the appointment next week. Much love.

  2. So much nesting and change of scenery at home!!! Good luck with the new gadgets and I am looking forward to pics of all these things!
    Oliver sounds like he is really thriving and so does Pheonix!!! Great news!!! So flappy for you! When do you find out the sex?

  3. Haha, I like flappy.
    My poor grasshopper will not get its own room till we move to the next house that we haven't even bought yet, let alone renovated...
    (And dropping phones is a pain!)
    Good luck with the car. And the next appointment.
    hugs for O.

  4. Glad to hear that Phoenix's sweet little heart beat gives you reassurance. 16 weeks already! And you've got so many changes and new things about to happen. I can't wait to see pictures of the kids' room once you get it underway. I like changing things up too, it keeps life interesting! Sorry Mike dropped your new I5, but consider this: I'm still using my circa 2007 flip phone! Ha!

  5. Congrats on the soonish arrival of your new ride!
    I am glad to see the update on Oliver. Have fun redesigning the kid's room.
    Sorry about the iPhone frustration, but you may just blame it on the phone. We have never had 'damage' issues with phones and kept them in great shape for years. The first day our iP5's arrived, it fell out of my pocket when I got out of the car and then I stepped on it over gravel. Miraculously, I got away with only a minor chip, but nevertheless it was frustrating. Then couple days ago we hear this scratch noise - J scrubbed the ceramic tile with daddy's phone. The back is ruined.

  6. There's nothing like the sound of that whoosh. My OB in NYC was very disapproving of my using the monitor, but I didn't care. It calmed me so much.

    (Sorry about the iphone:(

  7. My little bun won't sit still long enough for me to find it with the doppler yet. :(

    I would be rather upset about the phone too, especially since you had to wait so long for it, it was brand new, and now you have to wait for another new one again. Boo!

    Good luck with the furniture and selling the old car. I am excited for you to get a new car. They are always loads of fun!


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