Thursday, December 20, 2012

OB visit yesterday

Yesterday I had my scheduled appointment with Dr. W and the first thing he said when he saw me was "Soooo I hear you were worried about the fluids the last time..." ops...the secretary obviously told him about my phone call! He was very nice about it of course but did state that he would always share any concern even minimal about the pregnancy even if that may cause me anxiety. I know this is the same thing his secretary said, but it was even more reassuring hearing it from the horse's mouth!
He gave me a quick scan, where he showed me the fluids (plenty!) and how everything look just right. I told him that occasionally I feel like a lump on the surface of the uterus, beside my belly button, and I wondered if if was the fibroid they had seen during the surgery for my second ectopic. I don't remember feeling it with Oliver. I wasn't particularly concerned, just curious and in fact there is was, a nice round fibroid, completely external and not problematic at all.
I had two more questions which I didn't dare was about the heart rate (I actually have stopped checking it) and the fact that it was so much slower than Oliver's at the same gest age. I suspected he would have had me committed for excessive paranoia....and the other was about checking my thyroid levels...I had at some point, a good few years ago, a mildly under-acting thyroid, which was just monitored and was fine since. I had it checked about half way through the first pregnancy and it was fine. But who knows how it is now...and of course I read somewhere that there may be a connection between hypothyroidism and low fetal  heart rate! Ah well...I decided  to leave it be. I may do it when I'm going home during the holidays.
My next appointment is in 4 weeks, and he said we'll be talking about VBAC or planned C-section then. I am completely open and trust his opinion without reservation, as I had a previous C-section, he said induction is not an option so, should I be overdue or in need of an earlier delivery it'll have to be a C-section, but otherwise we can see about a vaginal delivery! It sounds still so far away, I'm not really thinking about it yet.

Another good news I got yesterday is that my new car will arrive in Ireland on the 6th of January! Wohooo! Can't wait now! And we have ordered the big boy(s) bedroom which will arrive at the end of we have to repaint and try to sell our two double-futon beds that are currently there. Lots to do and lots of excitement!
I'll post a few pics of Oliver in the next few days, he doesn't really have the concept of Christmas but he loves the Christmas trees...


  1. It all sounds like good news!!! Yippeee! I can't wait to see pictures of Oliver and your new car! I am so glad that things are progressing well with Phoenix!

    Big hugs!!

  2. Glad the dr was able to put your mind at ease a little bit. Can't wait to see pictures of Oliver! Merry Christmas!

  3. Sounds like all is very well! Yay for your new car and a big boy's room!
    I think it is very reasonable to check thyroid levels regularly during pregnancy - even when there is no history the thyroid can sometimes go a little wonky and it's a very easy test. (I don't think you should worry about it, but I think requesting the test at the next appointment is a good idea.)
    Have a wonderful holiday, dear friend!

  4. Agree with Maddy. I think that as long as your energy levels feel normal that is a fairly good indication your thyroid is ok too.
    Plus, as it is a simple blood test I sometimes ask my GP. If you spread your questions among different doctors they won't notice your worry/'paranoia'.

    You know, sometimes I still can't believe that Phoenix made it through the first trimester!
    Enjoy the next week with a big belly and a light heart.


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