Friday, May 31, 2013

Your heart just gets bigger

Isn't this a lovely phrase? This is what my Swiss colleague (also father of two) said to me the other day to describe the feeling when baby number two comes along. Your heart is so full of love, it's unimaginable that more love can be accommodated for another child. And then magically it happens. This thing amazes me to be honest.

Anyway, let's update you all a bit on Martina and Oliver and family matters in general.
Martina had yesterday her 6 weeks check with the paedy (at about 5w2d, but still) and she is doing great. She is putting on about 100-120 grams per week which is good, she is smiling occasionally already which is early and definitely earlier than Oliver did it, and she is tracking you or anyone since about she was one week old which is a record! She never had the wandering eye like Oliver had, she can focus very well and moves her head both sides with no preference really. She is also very long having to wear 3 month size clothing already, but she is skinny! Any time I change her nappy, I have this impression that she looks like one of those baby dolls, so perfect.
She feeds from me (yesterday I had a very bad episode of a bleeding nipple and got quite lightheaded when I saw it...) but I definitely have to take better care of my breasts as the use of nipple shields STILL require a proper latching or you'll suffer! She also takes a little bit of formula as her last meal around 11.30pm and then she .... sleeps... (sssshhhh don't say it out loud) till about 5.30 or 6 am. I am blessed.
Funny story. On sunday it was Mike's niece first communion. When she saw me breastfeeding Martina, she had no idea what I was doing! Meaning that she didn't know babies can be fed directly from mothers...I was very much shocked to be honest, alright her mom never bf, nor did her grandmother but it's biology people! Surely she studied it in school? Anyway, I'm glad I enlightened her.

Oliver is still extremely sweet, loves his "baby nister" (he can't seem to be able to pronounce "sister", so after starting off with baby brother, then baby mister, we are now at baby nister) but we are not sure what is going on with him, we think possibly teething as he has his classic teething cough and occasionally he's in very bad form. My little chicken...hopefully he'll get better soon. When he comes home from the creche, the first thing he tells me is "No accidents mamma!" referring to his ability to use the toilet! He said to a stranger also in a shopping centre yesterday, he doesn't know what not to share yet...

Everything else is going well, I am loosing my pregnancy weight (not that fast mind you!) and I'm out and about with Martina. I bought myself an Ergo baby carrier yesterday in organic cotton which is fab! Here's a pic of Oliver trying it out

And I also brought Martina to meet the Favourite Doctor at the clinic last monday! She loved meeting her and of course asked me when I was going to be back for another round...ah well, that's another day discussion I suppose.

I think that's about it for now, I'm off to the clinic again to donate some left over meds (I have a full bag which I am sure someone can use) and then to buy some apparently miraculous breast compresses for cracked nipples...


  1. I'm so happy that everything is going well! Your little ones are adorable!! Sending big hugs to you!!

  2. I'm sure your heart is bursting at the seams!! So happy for your little family. Oliver and his baby nister are too adorable!

  3. So true - the heart just gets bigger and bigger!!! I love the pics. Glad to hear everything is going so well!!!

  4. how cool to read such a great update! you are my hero if you are going for round three! More pics please! Martina and Oliver look so cute together. I hope that he gets checked out and you can figure out what is bothering him with his cough. As for the behavior - isn't he two?!!!

  5. I think girls overall are faster in being expressive. So glad to know she is a smiler already.

    How do you take out time for yourself?

    My love to Oliver and his nister. :-)

  6. Can you get Jack Newman's nipple cream there? It is a freaking lifesaver--or should I say nipplesaver! Lol! It's compounded here, but it is the best thing for sore, cracked nipples. You can google the recipe if your doc doesn't know of it. What does O think of the breast feeding? Elliot is obsessed with it now. He alternates between fascination and hate that I'm doing it for "baby Allie" and not him. I almost get the impression that he remembers it. (He weaned at 15 months.)

    They look adorable together!


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