Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good news on the family front

I really thought this news deserved to be blogged about. You may remember that a short while ago one of Mike's cousins was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs that had spread to the liver. Getting updates on how she was doing was a bit difficult because as I'm sure you can imagine her family was devastated and it's not easy to call and ask. I manage to get in touch via messages on FB with another cousin whose parents are in closer contact with her and she had told me that the latest news was bleak, a consultant had told the girl and her mom that the prognosis was very poor and spared no details...Then she was admitted to hospital about 10 days ago as she caught an infection and was in isolation. This meant that she could not go in for a scan and the second cycle of treatment till she was stabilised. Anyway, yesterday the news spread like fire that her scan was as close to a miracle as it comes, lungs were clear and the liver almost clear!! We are all thrilled, of course we know that this is a small victory in a long battle, but I don't think anyone, including the doctors, were expecting such a result. I texted her immediately and she was really upbeat and positive she can win this battle, going into the next round of chemo knowing it's working is just that much easier.
Thank you for your positive thoughts, I was telling her there was a big underground network supporting her that she didn't even know about!


  1. What wonderful news! My thoughts go out to her and your whole family!!

  2. Fantastic news. Praying for complete recovery.


  3. Cancer is awful. So happy to hear she is doing better.

  4. Wow!!! That does sound like a miracle. She has been through such a lot:;( how old is she? I wish her strength through the next chemo and for the rest of the rumors to go away. Cancer is just so horrible. Big hugs to you and her!

  5. Hello, dear friend. I have been off the blogging radar for some time - just busy. I am glad to hear this wonderful news about Mike's cousin. Hopefully it's predictive of good things to come.

    I looked at your prior posts too and I have to say, I noticed right away how much Oliver looks like Mike and Martina looks like you! Do you think so too? The children are getting so big and are deliciously adorable. And as for Oliver's tantrums, well, I must say that Scout has the same events. I think it's all about growing, finding boundaries, becoming independent. Which doesn't help a bit when you're in the middle of it.

    Congratulations on your new position with the university. You DESERVED it, so don't feel guilty that your colleagues did not get a slot.

    Sorry my comment is so long and sorry to be out of touch. I'm glad I can always come here and find out what is happening with you and your family.


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