Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Three month check and other craziness

Martina was 3 months old yesterday and in an amazing promptness the district nurse came over today for her check up. She is doing great, weight 3.35 kg, 59cm and right around the 50% growth chart. I wasn't worried one bit, she can lift her head easily when on her tummy, smiles, cooes, follows you with her eyes etc. She feeds well, I cannot say we have a schedule because we don't, nights are ok most of the time when she wakes up once for feeding and then goes back to sleep. During the day she is happy if she is held...which has my back in bits and mostly I can't do much at all. She may sleep for a whole 10 minutes if I put her down (asleep) in her swing chair and we have to start over. This is not ideal of course, but what can I do? She is looking more and more like her brother, have a look at this two pics, Oliver was 3 months and 3 weeks old, and below is Martina just the other day! I love that pic of Martina, looks to me like one of those ads for baby food or something.

Here is Martina and Oliver together

They make my heart smile!

And now for your joy, here are some of the craziness on my part. Remember I have convinced myself that I have some terminal disease but that I was working on snapping out of it and see if my symptoms would just go away? Well, not so easy. I went eventually to the doctor last tuesday, feeling half silly and completely well at that point. Explained I have been having this upset stomach for about ten days now and that I was worried I may have stomach cancer...she laughed it off, visited me, and said it was probably a bit of extra acidity and had I changed anything in my diet. I had actually, I started back drinking coffee (espresso) after lunch after years of not doing so and to improve my milk supply I was also taking every day an herbal mix definitely overdoing the doses and simmering times. she said to stop and see how I felt. I felt better for a couple of days and then the nagging sensation was back on sunday. It's on and off, I constantly think about it with all the dark thoughts that come with it. Of course it doesn't have to be stomach cancer, can be pancreas too or my head they are all deadly anyway so no real difference. And today I caved in. I called a friend of mine who is a doctor working in a hospital here and explained all that I have just told you. I said I wanted a scan or I would just go crazy with fear. He of course reassured me as he said it's much more likely anxiety and post-natal hormones but also said he will organise a letter for me so that I can go to one of the local centres and get it done. So there you have it, I'm a classic hypochondriac. Let's just hope we will be able to laugh about this in a short while.


  1. You have the most adorable children!!!! I'm glad you have a doctor-friend to help you through this. I feel the same way often! I'm sure it's nothing!

    Big hugs, my friend!!!

  2. I just want to eat them up!!! They are adorable!!

  3. Your kids are adorable. Congrats on the newest, she is precious.

  4. Oh goodness your babies are beautiful!

  5. The photo of the two together is so sweet! (and the other one of Martina made me laugh). Have you ever consulted a mental health professional about the hypochondria? I have a close friend who did and it seems to have helped him a lot. I hope the tests will come up with nothing and can put your mind at ease so you can enjoy your gorgeous babies even more!

  6. So cute! I think they do look quite a bit alike, although not as much in the pics where they're the same age.

    I hope you get a clean bill of health. I have found that since having kids I am more paranoid about things like that. I suppose because the stakes seem higher, KWIM?

  7. Very cute children, and one can tell they are siblings. :-)
    I cannot help to notice that Stevie was heavier when he was born than Martina is now... :-)


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