Friday, October 4, 2013

Normality? ...what was that again?

Another week gone. A lot happening. Like I got my period as predicted. This adds headaches from hell to exhaustion and I'm not a pretty sight let me tell you. Remember that routine I thought I had and posted last week. Forget it. I won't even bother writing down where we are at, let me just tell you it doesn't look I'll be having a night of uninterrupted sleep anytime soon. But look, she is healthy, growing well and a very happy baby, I know it's a phase and it will eventually pass, I am so blessed I would not want to go back to sleeping with no baby, so bring it on. I'm hooked on coffee and try my best to function during the day to do all I have to do work-related for deadlines which are happening before I even go back but that's just the way it is.
I have to submit exam questions, reports and budgets. Martina's sleeping times are like time-bombs for which you don't see the timer so next week I'm actually going to ask the nanny to come over for a few hours and see if I can get some of those things finished. It sucks I have to pay her even before my maternity leave ends but she has to get to know Martina anyway so instead of having her over the following week when my parents are also visiting, we'll do it a little sooner.

In other news, this Sunday we are christening Martina, friends are going to stay with us and we go a cake specially decorated with one of Oliver's favourite characters for the occasion, here's a sneaky preview!

The lady that did it for us is an amazing artist and while our cake is pretty simple, the details are perfect, down to the eye-shadow on the little princess and the teddy! Just look at the image of the real character from Tony Ross:

Also both the cake and the icing are delicious (not always the case) so I'm looking forward to eating it tomorrow! Martina will be wearing a family gown which is I think about 2 generations old and belonged to Mike's mam, so that will be nice. Will post some pics of course.

Oh, I want to invest on a nanny cam which I can look at remotely on my phone for example, unfortunately I fell back in a bit of anxiety about SIDS so our monitor is back in function. I was so proud of myself for not having had the need use it, but than a bad news from a cyber friend threw me back in the loop...what can I do, just have to keep telling me I'm doing all I can to keep her safe and I feel a wireless cam will prevent me from going up and down the stairs every 10 minutes (and check on her when I'm in work). Spam me with suggestions if you have any!

Love to all


  1. Booo...on the no sleeping! It is a phase, but it's still hard! That cake looks divine!! What a special day it will be.

    You might want to look into the "Drop Cam", it's the one we are thinking about investing in with #2!

    Big hugs!

  2. The cake is adorable. And makes me want cake! Lol! I hear you on the sleep thing. One night she sleeps 11 hours without a peep and the next she's up twice. Days are many times harder without a good night's sleep. Especially days with a toddler. Sigh...

    Have a nice day today! :-)

  3. Such a lovely cake! We love the little princes over here too. Very popular. And it is so funny. :-)
    Hope you had a wonderful day, I find christenings very touching.
    The schedule will sort itself out eventually, and it is very true the days fly by, and soon she will sleep better.
    I bet the cake makes the hormonal crash a bit better. In case it doesn't, just have another slice, and you'll see, you will feel better. :-)

  4. My Kids are 5 and almost 3. I have uses the monitor every single night for their entires lives. I had a huge fear of SIDS, them getting caught in the bars of the crib ...all of that. Whenever we would go camping and all sleep together in the same trailer...I hated it because even though they were just feet away from me....I didn't have that close up view from the camera that i was used to. without it I would have been a basket I say just use it if it makes you feel better. And....Happy Christening to Martina. I'm assuming since you are a Italian and married an Irishman that you are Catholic. I am to and was so very excited to baptize my babies in the gown that I wore and my sister and my niece wore. It is a treasured family heirloom. Hope the day was beautiful. And I will pray for more sleep for you soon.

  5. I have to tell myself every time I get up with Sweet Pea in the night that I am so glad I have a baby waking me up. I wouldn't trade her for all the sleep in the world either.

    I love the cake. It is so adorable! We recently Christened Sweet Pea too.

    Good luck keeping it all together. Let me know if you have success. I'm still trying how to get it all together. ;)


  6. Hi, friend! Martina's cake is adorable! Amazing to find someone to make it so perfectly. I could hear and FEEL the frustration/exhaustion in your words about the sleep problem. Just know you are not alone. Some nights I get up 10 times to get Mac his pacifier -- otherwise he'll cry and wake up his sister. I'm looking forward to seeing pics from the Christening. Many hugs to you!

  7. Hey! I've been MIA lately on the blog, but now slowly catching up. The cake is adorable. I love how it's simple, yet just perfect for your little princess.


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