Saturday, November 23, 2013

7 months update

Today Martina is 7 month old! The major thing she has achieved is sitting up on her own! She still needs help to get to the sitting position but other than that she is fairly stable.

For the last four nights her sleep has been much better. All of a sudden she only wakes up twice a night. This would have happened in the past but only for two nights in a row at the most, so I wasn't really keeping my hopes up this time, but for now it seems she is on a good stretch. She wakes around 11 pm (give or take 30 minutes) and drains her bottle. The she wakes around 4 (give or take 30 minutes) for another feed and then she is settled till 7-7.30! Wohoo I'm optimistic we'll soon be able to move her into her room. We have not done this yet because her room is attached to Oliver's and while he sleeps soundly, her crying will definitely wake him up with a shared wall. I'm planning to do it the week I'm back from Italy just before Christmas, Oliver will stay back with my parents till we all get back together on the 23rd. Did I tell you already about our plans? I'll fly solo with the two children on the 3rd of December (and there is no direct flight, have to stop over in Hamburg..) then Martina and I will come back to Dublin for a week and then Mike will fly back to Italy with us on the 23rd. The whole family will come back to Dublin on the 7th of January. Wow, even writing it down is tiring! Let's hope Oliver will be on his best behaviour on the first leg of the journey.

Martina eats happily practically everything she is given, I will stop pureeing her food and just mash it to introduce texture. I don't think it'll be a problem given how she chews pasta!

Mike brought her to the 7 month check up on wednesday and she is 8 kg and 68.5 cm long! She is a long baby and is flying through her clothes.

Have you guys watched Breaking Bad? I had totally missed out and going though the series now. Love it!! Jesse is my latest celebrity crush...what can I tell you...


  1. I hope we are right behind you in the sleep department. Good luck flying with both kids. You are a braver woman than me!

  2. I moved the boys in the same room when the little one was 7-8 months old. Sometimes he cries LOUD. Yet George is rarely woken up by his cries. I am quite surprised by this, but given it is going on one year so far, I think that it is safe to say that cries and wails do not wake big brothers up if they are ot ready to wake up. Hope it is the same for you and Oliver.


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