Friday, December 6, 2013

From Italy, with love

I flew with the children to Italy on Tuesday and I'll stay for almost two weeks. I have to say the flights were much better than I thought. Oliver was on his best behaviour and Martina slept a bit on both legs of the journey. We stopped over in Frankfurt for just over an hour and we manage to all go to the toilet with no accidents. For Oliver was a big adventure, he was mamma's helper and really made me proud. On the fully booked Dublin-Frankfurt flight, the flight attendant near the end realised I was travelling on my own (I had a very nice and helpful German lady sitting beside me) and commented on how calm I was and was I used to it. I said no, first time on my own with two and thought about saying something like "it's the happy pill that keeps me sane" but then again, what if she didn't think I was joking and really thought I was high on something? So I didn't say it. But I was incredibly calm.

On thing that made the journey that bit more challenging was that I was on day 2 of my period so I was very self conscious. I was also loaded as a Sherpa and briefly contemplated wearing Martina only to be thankful I didn't as I really had too many bits and pieces and the stroller was our little mule. Oliver used the toilet 3 times on the plane including a poo about 30 minutes before landing which meant the "go back to your seat" sign lit up almost as soon as Oliver sat on the loo (can you imagine the amount of time I said "don't touch that it's dirty!!!"). Anyway, we got to Bologna safe and sound and I realised how much my son has grown in the last 4 months. This journey was unthinkable only in the summer.

The first night here, Martina slept seven hours straight. That almost never happens. Of course the next night she was up every hour or so... Go figure. One other important think is that I decided to fully wean Martina. My boobs are sore again, and I have had enough of this. I feel like a champ for having lasted so long with so many problems and I'm hoping this will give us at home a bit more exchange-ability at night time. To those of you who still believe there is "a method" that works with every child please keep it to yourself. In my experience is the child that has a method, either it agrees with yours or it doesn't. The child will sleep eventually, but you have little to do with when that will happen. I too had a child who slept through very early and now I have another one who would need to be sedated to do the same. Daytime sleeps are textbook, nights are a beast of their own. Ah well.

I leave you with some love, chat soon!


  1. Umm...if there a method, I xure don't know about it. (Says the person who, at 1:48am is up for the second time already.) Sigh. I think our daughters's read the same sleep book!

    Glad your flights went well! You are a brave woman!

  2. Ack! Daughters' autocorrected to daughters's. Even at 1:53 am, I know better than that!

  3. You are a champ! The whole nipple shield adventure, BRRRR. I tell myself I will breastfeed as long as both baby and mother enjoy it and benefit from it, and I realise we've been lucky so far. (I still haven't got my period, so that is a big plus for me too)

    I hope that Italy makes you feel happy and take your mind of things. and Martina: feel free to do that 7 hour sleep again! preferably at night!!!
    We have somehwat regular 6 hour stretches of sleep, but I do look forward to not waking up at 4 am anymore.
    At the same time, DP secretly loves the nightly cuddles....

  4. WOW! I am in awe of you! Great job Mama!! We have tried every "sleep solution" under the sun, and none of them worked! Have an amazing time in Italy, I wish we were there to visit with you!!

  5. Do whatever you need to do for you and your family. Nevermind whatever else anyone has to point out. As for thr sleep, please... My 17mo still wakes up multiple times at night, while my 3yo sleeps well through the noise. It will get better, when it does.
    Indeed, you are very brave. Enjoy your time in Italy.

  6. My goodness - I've been away for so long and have missed so much. I will need to catch up to see what has been going on in your life!

  7. Have a nice's realy comfort me to read your blog.. They are such adorable kids.. Love

  8. Just popping on after many months...wanted to hi...and your family is beautiful :)))


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