Monday, October 6, 2014

#MicroblogMondays giving this a go

Right, I'll try this one too.

I just found out from a friend who lives in our same estate that there is a strong possibility at least part of the development is affected by pyrite. Tests came up positive for two houses. What this means is that if quarry the builders used at the time they build your house was contaminated, the foundations of your building are unstable. Overtime they will shift and expand and eventually the house will collapse. Collapse. It must be remediated. There is a national remediation board but our estate was never considered "at risk" so a major process will need to be initiated to get funding to repair the foundation. Can take up to 2 years. While the works are going on, for 3 months, you have to move out. I can't bare to think about it. If we come up positive the house is unsellable in its current state.

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  1. I only thought of pyrite as "Fool's Gold"...and nothing dangerous. Then I read up on I am so sorry about all of it. That sucks! I hope you're house is fine!

  2. Oh wow... I am so sorry. I hope your house doesn't come up positive.

  3. I'm sorry to hear this - it much be sorry worrying for you all. I hope things work out fine for your family.

  4. I'm not sure my earlier comment went through.
    I'm sorry to know that you are going through this worrying time. I hope your house is fine.

  5. mhmm, if only the working in California would overlap with that time!
    No idea if that is even possible (or less stressful for that matter)
    Wishing you calming thoughts for now.


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