Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Waiting waiting waiting

Still no news on the job application, I know it's very early still (closing date for submission was last thursday) but still...any time I hear the "ding" of an email, my heart jumps!

I am so ready for a change. We had a staff meeting today and I just kept telling myself to let things go, the new boss is just not capable for the job and I need to look "into my space" like my psychologist says and not let it bother me too much.

Another recent news is that Oliver got a place in the school we really really wanted! It's an educate together model, non-denominational (as in not religiously led) and child-centred. I was so excited when I got the email and the system here is so crazy that you have to put the name of your child down for schools as soon as he is born (even before!!) so everyone "reserves" places in many schools because you don't know where you will be accepted and the waiting lists can be ridiculously long you may end up in the one school that has a poor reputation.
Talking about school, I had three things which were very important for me (on top of obviously good reputation of the school) but hard to come by in the Country. The school has to be mixed (boys and girls together), possibly no uniform (the mental association for me having grown up in Italy is that uniforms are for military and fascists type schools) and possibly religion should be taught as an inclusive subject rather than being a form of indoctrination (this is still Ireland).  In primary school, children may be taught for say 20 hours in a week, 2 may be catholic religion and if the school has a very strict catholic ethos, children pray several times a day. I would find that ver very difficult to accept as normal to be honest. I rather have the children attending catechism in the church for their communion etc, and have them study different subjects when in school. So I'm delighted with this outcome!
Martina is really good, came down with a high fever tonight, no other symptoms a part from being off form. We'll see how she sleeps and how she is tomorrow. The weather has suddenly changed so I'm not surprised we have entered bug season!

Finally I am quite well, now my back is bothering me, pain migrates from one part to another and I know it's mostly psychosomatic (and bad posture in the office), thankfully I see the chiropractor this saturday for an adjustment and I must go back to the gym after the conference, so hopefully tomorrow....

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  1. Wow! Congrats to Oliver for getting into the school you wanted. That's wonderful!! I hope Martina feels better soon. And I am sure you'll get the job!! My fingers and toes are crossed for you!


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