Monday, December 15, 2014

#MicroblogsMonday: Inside Out

Has anyone seen the trailer of the new Pixar movie Inside Out? I can't wait to see it next summer!!
I often thought how it would be if someone could see what's going on inside someone's mind and now there is a movie! Well, to be perfectly honest I also often thought "imagine if someone knew what I am fantasising this very would be so embarrassing!!"


  1. I DID see this trailer! It looks interesting. I think if you could really see what goes on behind closed mind doors, it would be so very ill advised. There are so many things I think that I would NEVER EVER say or do... :) Pixar always does such a great job, and I'm sure along with making me laugh it will make me cry, too.

  2. I saw the trailer. My kids didn't totally get it. I think I was more excited for the movie than they were. But I trust Pixar to pull off something wonderful.


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