Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do we have a plan?

Last night I mange to talk to the doctor again. She was very apologetic for the delay in getting back to me, apparently there were only two doctors on call and it was just crazy. She was very nice over the phone of course, and very reassuring. She said she checked with the other doctor as well and they both felt that the best thing woudl be to talk this morning with the consultant who oversees my case. She said she was going to be on duty all night and that she would call me tomorrow with a plan. She was very sympathetic and knew I just couldn't be left in limbo, and she aslo said that they had received the offial pathology report and that the pregnancy was normal, no sign of trophoblasts (that was my fear, particular cells from the pregnancy that starts replicating out of control) and that although my HCG is a little high, it's no where near the values of a trophoblastic tumor. The fact that I feel well is of course an other indication that this is no emergency to them. She said probably with my knowledge and background I have "been reading a bit too much into the numbers" and I think it's "probably true".

So this morning then I was called twice, once by one of the midwives who deals with all the consultant's cases (we'll call the consultant Dr. A) and she said Dr. A was aware of my results, and that she'll call me tomorrow in person but that she doesn't think there is the need to be worried and that it could be a physiological plateau (basically between 885 and 967 there isn't much of a difference in medical term) and that the best thing is to recheck the HCG ths coming friday and have a better idea which way they are going.
Then the lovely doctor from last night called me (it must have been around 10 am this morning, she must have had some shift!), again she confirmed what the midwife said, she had spoken with Dr. A who thinks this could be completely normal and that given my high HCG before surgery, two weeks was just too early to check. Of course we'll repeat the HCG and that if the value is truly creeping up on friday we'll have a plan in place.

I do feel less worried, I still think these numbers are going in the wrong direction, but hey, can I be wrong for once in this pregnancy please??? Friday is only three days away so it's not a long wait and if they are creeping up this slow it's not going to make a major difference acting today or in a few days time.

And I also got a text from the Favourite Doctor, she had received the report from the clinic and wondered how my HCG was at the last count. So I told her and she said to let her know what the plan was. Today I also have the appointment with the Super Doctor, so many things have happened meanwhile that I'm not ready with all my questions! Maybe I can just listen this time.


  1. I am glad that you are getting good conversations with the docs and midwives... I really hope the numbers are falling and that we will see that come Friday.

    Sending big hugs...

  2. Praying that the number goes down. Always in my heart and prayers.

  3. I hope you are wrong for once. :)
    I am glad that you finally have docs and midwives getting back to you about the rising numbers...and of course glad it's not a tumor.

  4. Oh Fran, what a time you have had! You have been in my thoughts. I too am grateful that you've had some good conversations with the doctors and midwives and will be hoping for more good news on Friday.

    As an aside - my husband was so thrilled about your comment on his blog - he says "thank you!" and will likely stop by and read your blog sometime if that's okay?

    Take care of yourself - know you're in our thoughts!!

  5. Dear Fran! It sounds like you have a wonderful team working on this with you, but I realize that doesn't take away all the worry this has been causing. Yes, let's hope you are very wrong just this once and that these numbers go down soon. Please know that I am thinking of you and wishing you healing and strength and a clean slate so you can move forward.

  6. Fingers crossed it's going down. I'm glad they're communicating better with you and giving you some answers now.

  7. I don't know if you have a plan, but at least they are calling you and paying the kind of attention to you that you deserve and being kind and supportive with you. I am hoping and praying as hard as I can that the numbers will be down on Friday. Thank goodness there were no signs of trophoblasts. So no googling scientific articles between now and Friday!

  8. Wow. I'm glad that your dr.'s are all taking you seriously and seem to be treating you well and communicating with you. Such a bonus that you're not just sitting in the dark wondering if they'll get back to you. I hope the numbers have plateaued and when you go back on Friday they are going down as they should be.


  9. It sounds as though you have amazing doctors! I am praying that your numbers do go down.


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