Monday, September 28, 2009

Back from...Paris! And HCG behaving well

My dears,

I can now reveal that the chosen destination for the mystery weekend was..... PARIS!
Yes, the romantic city by definition! Actually I had taken the idea of Paris from my cyber firend Clare who went there a little while ago and then posted a fantastic post called "We'll always have Paris!". And I thought it was just the perfect place. I had been there a couple of times but Mike only went when he was a child so I figured he probably didn't have a fresh memory of it.

I had booked a very nice hotel near the Louvre ( wasn't cheap, but a treat is what we really needed) and because I mentioned it was Mike's birthday they arranged a little present for him!

So all Mike knew was that I was driving, guessed it was somewhere in Ireland and probably a Spa hotel! WRONG! I drove alright, but to the airport! When we got there he was a bit unsettled, not knowing where we were going and all. I had checked in on-line you see, so it was a real surprise until we got to the gate! He loved it though and we had a great time. Weather was great which always helps and we managed to see quite a lot. Yesterday we went up on the Tour Eiffel (how many steps?? didn't count, but my legs are in bits!) and Mike said it was the best birthday present ever! Hopefully I'll have a better one some day...

And we are back to reality now, back to blood tests, back to lack of calls from the hospital...the usual! But the news is good! Today blood test gave an HCG at 101! A fall of 85% in a week!! Brilliant. Now I actually don't know if I have to go back, when I phoned the nurse attempted the card that the ward was closed and to call tomorrow. Ahhah she didn't know I know the game by now, so at least I got the number off of her and I suppose i'll go back again weekly until it goes to zero.

Last thursday I also went to see the berievement midwife. The chat went very well, we both acknowledged that I have now dealt with the loss and moved on. I really want to try and make something out of this experience, I have been doing quite a lot of volounteering when I was back home, so I asked if there was anything I coudl do to help others who went through the same tough time. She gave me a number of an Irish association for miscarriage support, I'll phone the chair-lady this evening! Fran is back on track!

Sorry for not having being able to post on your blogs, I'll catch up in no time! I promise!


  1. Paris sounds like a wonderful, romantic gift! How sweet!

    85% is a huge decrease. Perhaps it was all the fun of Paris!

  2. I'm so glad your trip went well! That sounds so exciting and romantic! Glad to hear your HCG levels are dropping too.

  3. What an awesome present! Glad to hear the levels are dropping too so you can take the next steps.

  4. Happy Birthday to Mike! And yay for a great vacation! Glad to know the HCG is coming down!

  5. Welcome home! Sounds like an absolutely wonderful getaway!! What an amazing birthday gift!

    So glad to hear your HCG news too! Yay!

    But Fran, how amazing are you to want to share your time and experience with others who have experienced/are experiencing a loss. Words cannot express how wonderfully compassionate I think you are!

    You are amazing!!

  6. Wow - you're a tough cookie, and I think it's great that you're going to be a support to others going through the same thing.
    So glad that you had good HCG news to come back to, and that your surprise present was such a hit. I love Paris too!

  7. Ah Paris! So jealous you can jet off to Paris for a weekend! (But so happy you could too!) Your attitude sounds positively refreshing. Best wishes for the onward plans.

  8. What a wonderful trip! I would love to go to Paris - it sounds so exciting and romantic!!!

    Congrats on the major lowering of your HCG numbers.

    I think it's amazing that you will be helping others who have gone through something similar.

  9. What a great trip and surprise for Mike!

    I think its absolutely wonderful that you are going to volunteer to reach out to other women who have experienced miscarriages. Volunteering in some capacity is a big part of who I am and helps keep me balanced. I hope you get a lot out of it.

  10. You are the Queen of great surprises! That was a fantastic birthday present. And a wonderful opportunity for both of you to be somewhere fun and romantic. I'm so glad you had a lovely time. Congrats on the falling HCG! MTX and parisian cafes will do the trick! C'est magnifique!

  11. WOW Paris!!! That is just wonderful *green with envy* I've always wanted to go to France :)

    Whoo hoo for dropping HcG!


  12. Cool you went to Paris! Did you eat lots of scrummy yummy food? Ah the pastries, the bread, the crepes... I think my mouth is watering remembering it all. It is such a beautiful city.

    Glad to hear that you are back on track! You are one strong lady, I'll say that. Really glad things are looking brighter for you. I think about you a lot and am looking forward to hearing you next updates. Big big hugs.

  13. The surprise trip to Paris sounds amazing! What a wonderful treat for you both. I'm so glad that the HCG has finally taken a nosedive, it must be a relief to you as well. I think it's wonderful that you are going to volunteer your time - you are such a generous spirit!

  14. Hey--you are a follower of mine, and I wanted to let you know I switched domains, and I wanted you to be able to find me! I'm now at

  15. Oooh la la! What a great trip you had and what a wonderful coming-home present! A nice HCG! C'est tres bon, mon cherie!!!

  16. Sounds like Paris was just what you needed! Great news on the Hcg too! Things are moving forward! Yeah !


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