Monday, October 26, 2009

A plan is shaping up in my head

I've been a very good ICLW member this time around and I'm very proud of myself (pat pat on my shoulders!) and it happened that I came across a blog in which one of the posts was about finding a proper balance between updating your own blog and commenting on others'. I think I comment more or less on all the blog I follow very regularly but I do feel I'm not postin much on my own at the moment. Of course I'm not cycling, nor I have the hope of a BFP at the end of a 2ww, so I'm not sure what to blog about. This is an IF blog so shall I post about the life that is going on regardless in the background? Let me know my dear followers, what you think.

But on the IF front I started feeling ready to go again. That's brilliant. I mean, it's a brilliant feeling. And so if AF shows up on time around next weekend, I think I'll phone the clinic and speak to the Favourite Doctor and see if we can schedule a cycle for the New Year. Due to the methotrexate shot on the 16th of September, I couldn't cycle before the end of the year in anycase, but maybe I can get nice dates in January leading to February? Ideally I would want to be on the pill for the shortest time possible and assuming that the cycles are normal enough I'll propose to start the pill with the December cycle and then we'll see the clinic calendar for dates at the end of January. How's this for a plan? I haven't said anything to Mike yet, I want to make sure I'll feel the same when AF shows up!
No news on the Ectopic Support Group yet, and no news from the Adoption Board yet (I guess it shouldn't be too long now, all the documents have been evaluated by the individual units and gathered together for the approval of the Board).
Also no progress on buying a new house, so we converted our plans into trying to .... convert the attic of our exiting home! It won't be a straight forward job as we live in a duplex and have to respect apartment type "house rules" step at the time and hopefully we'll get a plan approved!


  1. I think your plan is a great one! I'm glad you're feeling happy and optimistic about the next cycle.

    And yes, blog on! Even if you don't have IF matters to blog about, we LOVE hearing about you, your life, and things that matter to you. After all, you are more than the sum of your IF! You are fun and interesting and smart and I'd be delighted to read anything you want to talk about. Anyone who is looking only to read on IF topics can move on.

  2. Great plan! I am so happy that you are feeling back into the swing of things!

    As for me, I blog about everything! And I love hearing about the daily lives of my fellow bloggers.

    I hope your great mood continues!

  3. Good luck with the next cycle. It's always good to have a plan.

    And, yes, blog away!

  4. I agree, blog on! I love hearing about the non-IF parts of an IF blogger's life. It gives me inspiration. I especially like hearing about non-American bloggers, everything seems exotic ;).

  5. I'm glad that you're pretty much ready to try again. January is a great month to do it - fresh starts and all of that. I agree with the others that you should feel free to blog about anything even if it's not IF related.

  6. Great that you are gearing up mentally for your next cycle! All the best wishes to you!

  7. I'm glad to hear you are feeling more optimistic. That's great news.

    I am in a similar boat as you are cycle wise. During ICLW I try to post more, so that any new visitors have something to read. I think my posts have tended to be related to my emotional state and any preparations I'm making towards my next cycle.

  8. Thanks for visiting me!

    I'm a moody blogger - and visitor now that I think about it...

  9. Here Here to BWUB's sentiments! I read IF blogs because they show emotion and are followed by people who support each other. I respect your process, the journey each of you goes through. I hope for success for all of you and cross my fingers and toes. But I am also really interested in what happens in your life, because I think that it's an integral part of your journey. You are not defined solely by your desire to pursue a family. Your comments on BWUB blog seem supportive and loving and gracious and helpful. You are obviously incredibly strong, knowing all the things you have dealt with, and you still keep smiling. You didn't develop these characteristics solely based on your recent IF experiences. They are part of you, and that's why people read what you have to say. So BLOG ON!

  10. Yay for a plan!

    I'm going to echo a couple others in favor of blogging about "non-IF" stuff when you feel like you aren't doing anything IF related. I think that it's so easy for all of us to lose ourselves a bit in the process and forget about all of the other aspects of our lives that are not IF related. It helps me to blog about non-IF stuff as a reminder that while it can feel all-consuming, it's not all that I am. Struggling to maintain that type of mental balance is a big part of the IF process for me (see and here it all comes back to IF in the end anyway).

    I, for one, would love to hear more about the attic conversion as you move forward!

  11. I'm glad that you're feeling optimistic about your next cycle!

  12. Your plan sounds great!

    I know what you mean about being on breaks and having nothing to blog about...I always just blog about what's going on in my life at the time. Yeah, I don't post as much, but that way I don't disappear.

    It's your what feels right!

  13. Having a plan always makes me feel like I am doing something other than waiting.

    Love your blog BTW. And I love hearing about non-IF stuff, so blog on. I'm working on blogging about life stuff (started with my cats).

    Take care!

  14. Hi dear Fran - wow your map of readers is really really busy and you have people from all over the world!
    Good for having a plan and tell us about everything - we wanna know.
    and as for blogging and commenting - I comment about 500 times more than I blog - I average about a blog post a week at best and I comment at least 10 times a day - sometimes more like twenty or thirty! In fact I have so many blogs on my blog roll that the commenting is getting out of hand!
    good luck with the next steps!


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