Friday, October 2, 2009

Sister and other news

Finally my sister has come over to visit!

I'm in fact blogging from her Mac which I hardly know how to use (I'm an hard-core pc user and she's now trying to convert me!).
Everything is going well thankfully, I'll have to back to the hospital for another blod test on monday and I decided to take the day off to spend some quality time with my sister in town.

Work is quite busy and that's the way I like it really! So next week I have a day trip to Manchester, then I've been nominated to be a partecipant on a specific European grant programme which may mean I'll be making a few trips to Brussels and I can't wait! I think my sister may come along too and meet me in central Europe if I really get to go there.

And I have contacted the Miscarriage association and it was a good move. The lady I spoke to (June) sent me their information material and also gave me the contact details of another girl who really wants to set up an Ectopic Pregnancy support unit! I'm calling her this weekend and we'll see how we get on. One thing I find really nice about this association is their logo: it's a tree from which a leaf is falling off. It's really sweet and meaningful. June sent me two pins. Not sure where I'll put them yet but I'll wear them for sure. She also invited me to the special service they hold every year in remebrance of the lost children in November. 
I think I'll go. 


  1. Ohhh, I love my Mac. Your sister is totally right to try to convert you!

    Have fun with your sister!

  2. How great that your sis is there!

    I'm so glad you found a support group of sorts.

  3. I dance between using a PC and a Mac - but I confess, I do love the Mac more.

    Have a wonderful visit with your sister!

  4. Have a wonderful time with your sister! I love the cool photos and you guys look adorable! The miscarriage association sounds like a great group and I agree, the image of a tree with a falling leaf is beautifully symbolic. Have fun next week, travel safely and congratulations on the nomination to the grant program!

  5. I love Macs! Hubs bought me a PC laptop to replace my iMac that died. It's okay but I miss my Mac!!!

    Have a great time with your sister! and I am so glad you found a group to connect with. We are thinking of attending a SHARE meeting at the hospital...

  6. Macs rule! I hope your sister manages to convert you! The support group sounds very interesting and inspiring. I'm sure you will be a great help to many women who have gone through the pain of an ectopic pregnancy. xx

  7. You and your sister look like you're having a blast! Yay!

    It's so wonderful that you've found what sounds like a perfect support group and I love the image of the tree, too!

    And finally, hurray for you for your nomination, lady!

    It's good to see you so happy!


  8. PS - There's an award for you on my blog when you have time! :)

  9. Yay for sisters! I hope you have a great visit!

  10. So nice that your sister has come for a visit! Enjoy every minute.

    The volunteering opportunity sounds excellent. Can't wait to hear more about it.


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