Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy busy busy

You know the way you go away for just a couple of days and you get back and things have piled up like you haven't done anything for the last month?

I've now done a lot of the tedious work and decided to blog a bit. The lab-madness has shifted from one student (who's now back to her good self) to another. She's also finishing up her PhD and if I have to say I'm confident she'll do well at her viva I'll be lying. A lot. Nothing to do with the quality of her work. All to do with her personality and lack of confidence and background knowledge. I'll have to consult with a colleague to see if we can do something to help her. Thankfully it won't happen before spring, I may be well pregnant by then and worried about other things!

And, would you believe it, my new superduper computer is gone back to the makers! Yeah yeah I know, if I had gone for a Mac it would have been better...ah well too late now, I just hope when they'll ship it back it'll be ok. For all the IT people out there, the problem was the "BSOD" (aka Blue Screen of Death!), not sure if it was a hardware or a software issue :o(

Finally I should meet up with the girls for the Ectopic Pregnancy support group on Saturday! Really looking forward to it now. A big hug to my friend Mad Hatter who's third IUI didn't work. If you can stop by and give her a hug.

ps: the architect will come over this evening to see the attic!! Woohooo


  1. I know exactly what you mean! Sorry about the BSOD, having experienced it first hand I know how frustrating it can be. Hopefully you didn't lose anything since the computer was so new. Good luck with the architect tonight. Can't wait to hear what he has to say.

  2. Glad to have you back :) Sorry to hear about the computer. Since I'm a loyal mac user, I'll keep my mouth shut ;)
    Hope all goes well with the architect tonight!

  3. I never even go anywhere and I always seem to be behind! Hope the student issue is something that can be worked out. Like you said, you'll hopefully have your hands busy next year with a belly full of baby! I'm sure they'll get your computer up and running in perfect condition. Just stinks not to have it for a while. I can't wait to hear how your ectopic group meeting goes!

  4. Nice to see you again in blogland Fran :)

    Hope your PC gets fixed soon!


  5. Not the BSOD!!!!! I hope they resolve the issue quickly.

  6. So sorry to hear about the BSOD. If it makes you feel any better the first weekend we had our brand new iMac the equivalent of the brain/heart exploded and we had to ship it back for repairs... Glad to report we haven't had any problems since. (more than a year ago)

    Support groups are THE BEST. I love the blogging community, but it is so nice to meet in person and hug the lady next to you after you refill her glass of wine! I'm lucky enough to have met some local bloggers and we get together pretty often now. Glad to hear you have similar source of refuge.

    Best wishes with the architect!

  7. i think it stands for bloody sod!!! hope it gets fixed soon! good to catch up with you:) hugs!


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