Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Hairdresser Madness

Living in a different Country from that you have grown up in, brings some issues like...trying not to look exactly like everyone else coming out the hairdresser. And you are not used to it. In Ireland this is something so common it's unbelievable. There are probably 3 or 4 hairstyles...long straight hair (not very difficult to just trim), curly (usually medium-long), medium length bob and I can't think of another one. The fake blondies have the same colour blond, it's unreal, the straight hair also are the same, Jannifer Aniston had hit hard here I think.
I had long hair before, and it is as straight as spaghetti, so for a while I didn't mind too much spending and hour or two and answering "yes" to the standard question "Do you like it?". Then I wanted to change, a nice chop, lighter and more me. For a couple of times I just couldn't convince the hairdresser to cut it short. You should have heard the excuses..."but you have just put highlights in..." or "it suits you so much this way...". And believe me, I HAVE tried a few different places. Finally a hairdressed in a new saloon took me on one time and she went for it. The length was gone but, how could I say more clearly "I don't want hair across my face??". No joy, I always come out with a "curtain" of hair hanging over my right eye. Great. And there is just no point in arguing. I've lifted a white flag with that one. At least she's shortening it. Today I thought I had a chance. My usual hairdresser wasn't there and I had a different one, short hair herself. I was very clear, I even showed her a picture on a top fashion magazine dedicated to short hair...We seemed to be in agreement and then...there she starts puling the hair to one side, I knew the "curtain" was coming. She shorten the hair a good bit at the back at least, but it's the front that matters more! I kept telling her my hair wouldn't stick across the forhead at that fashionable angle unless she glued it to it. But she tried. And tried some more. Then she shortened it a bit. Then a bit more. She even "taught" me how I should dry it to make it stay that way. Yeah right. Once I had a perm, a real one (ah.. the eighties...) and it disappeared two days later when I washed it!! I know my hair, I've had it 35 years and I can tell you, unless you overload it with wax/gel/spray and a few prayers it'll go back to it's original position. Straight down.
I gave up. I left the saloon annoyed, without leaving a tip and with the "curtain" across the forhead. Like the hairdresser who cut my hair. I should have known better.

Back home, I cut that "curtain" myself, and swore not to go back there. Not sure I'll find a better one though, I'm nearing the end of the list of places I can think of and I just think it is silly to pack in a haircut too when I go to Italy...but unless I have some seriously recommended place for the next time I might have to do just that!


  1. That sounds so frustrating! If I were you I'd book an appointment for when you're home next. Then, maybe once the hairdresser in Ireland sees what you like they'll be able to replicate it.

  2. Honey, that just isnt in Ireland! I have the damnedest time in Pennsylvania getting a haircut I like!

  3. I think hairdressers who will actually listen to their clients are few and far between, sadly.

  4. I laughed over "The Aniston Style hit hard here." Good luck on your quest, I hope you can find a hairdresser that listens to you!


  5. I think the key is to go to someone old fasioned who doesn't know about the curtain style!!!! You can go to mine next time you are in Chicago - she listens! And where are you from originally - did I miss something? Hugs to you - wish you would post pics of the infamous curtain before andafter!

  6. Hahahaha, I recognize everything about this post. I have hairdresser-phobia from too many incidents involving scissors too close to bodyparts, hair colored gray and ruined clothes... And my hair is also of the I-don't-care-what-you-do-to-me-I'll-still-be-straight-damn-it variety :-)

  7. Urgh, what a pain in the ass! I sure hope you find a good one soon honey...


  8. How frustrating!

    I can't even imagine...I wouldn't have left a tip, either.


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