Wednesday, December 16, 2009

At the chemist and other updates

I came back on monday aftrenoon, very late may I add, due to snow in my town and delayed flight. I had a great time and skiing was jus what I needed! So I'm back now for the last week in college, with several last minute things to do as you can imagine.
I have finally managed to read the latest on most of the blogs I follow and posted on many of them and I'm very happy for the good news all around and very sad for the bad ones also all around. I suppose that's life.

I went to the chemist yesterday to pick up muy pill prescription and I'm not sure if you remembered that this particular chemist is the one that deals with the special meds for IF treatments and the girl there knows me by first name by now. When she saw me she came around the desk and hugged me. She said she was so genuinely sorry to see my prescription caming in and I had gone in for support meds the last time with the good news of the beta...ah well, obviously it wasn't my time yet. I'll pick up the rest of the meds in January before starting the cycle (jeez, I'll be taking the last pill in just over a month and I haven't even started it yet!). It dawned on me then that we are starting a new decade. It sounds good. 2010 is a nice round number, let's hope it'll be the "right" number also!

On the attic front we had yesterday a second architect coming to see the place and hopefully he'll give us a quote by next week! That's all so exciting and I really can see the big picture and how it's going to look! After that it's a matter of price. And we'll definitely play it safe.

The New Toy is not back yet and needless to say I'm fed up with it already. I called the support unit and all I was told was that they have "loads of computers" with the same issue. That's reassuring...NOT! And believe me, this is a well known brand! Grrrr.....

Finally, I'm going back to Italy next monday for two weeks and the Christmas madness, so I'm afraid I won't have much time to blog but I'll be posting a Merry Christmas post before going.


  1. Fran... you are such a sweet heart! I know I haven't been regularly posting comments on your blog, though I do follow your posts. There are so many blogs I used to comment on and was so connected with, but then some folks seem to have stopped responding because we are at different state in this journey and I feel guilty to be imposing on them (by trying to communicate)... but you are one strong girl - I appreciate your comments and well wishes! I truly hope that 2010 is a real miracle for you! My best wishes for the upcoming cycle! {HUGSSS}

  2. I hope 2010 is good for all of us!!! I am so sorry that your computer is not back yet from "repair". I hope you get it soon.

  3. Glad to have you back. Yay for skiing :) I think 2010 is going to be a fabulous year for you!!!

  4. Wow! Italy! Have such a wonderful time. Merry Christmas and may 2010 be the best year yet for you.

  5. 2010 is going to be a year full of blessings.

    Please take me with you....I would love to go to Italy. :)

  6. You always keep such a good attitude, no matter the trouble. It's a good trait to have and will serve you well.

    Can you just tell them to keep their stupid computer and give your money back? It seems like it's still brand new.

    I think 2010 will your year! It's exciting to think you're about to start your cycle! And I'm already guessing you will have a boy, as I am!

    Have a wonderful trip to Italy and Buon Natale to you!

  7. Hurray for picking up your pills! I am so wishing for 2010 to be your year! Glad you had a good ski trip and so happy for you that you're getting away for another two weeks - you deserve a wonderful holiday!

  8. Have fun in Italy. I just know 2010 will be a great year for you. :-) Merry Christmas!

  9. Fran, glad you had a good time in Italy skiing your heart out. I need to do something similar. You will be cycling again in no time and I agree 2010 is a nice round year and seems to offer a fresh start for all of us.

    Have a wondeful holiday, enjoy your 2 weeks.


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