Thursday, December 3, 2009

The attic project update and the rest

We have made some more progress in the red tape for the project! The directors have no objection in principles and don't see a problem in us opening windows on the side wall either, they will want to see the plans before singning off on it though. So that's great!
The architect has posted the budget proposal to us this morning so we should soon know what kind of money we are talking about. More news on this coming soon.

Today I'm so very happy for my cyber friend C who has seen a heartbeat today after a lot of spotting and bleeding and she certainly deserve a good happy ending this time.
And then there is Sam who's testing tomorrow and I'm so so hopeful it'll be 3rd time lucky! Come on my friend, it'll have to be your time this time.
On the other hand, another cyber friend from a local board had a BFN and I'm really sorry for her...she also suffered an ectopic, lost both tubes and finally lost an IVF pregnancy at 31 weeks...I cannot even imagine how heartbroken she must be. But she'll go again and I have everyting crossed it'll work out the next time.
I went to the clinic on monday, paid my deposit and booked all the scans for January!! I have to say, the sight of my file would make a stone must be 5cm thick by now...enough, 2010 better be the year that file closes!

Finally I've been looking a lot into american agencies for the adoption project. Very very few would work with non-US families but I did find one that gave me loads of info. Now, we are still ages away from anything happening, we haven't even heard back on our documents sent out 6 (six!) months ago. And that's just to get a number to get on a waiting list for a preparation course...can you imagine? The waiting list will probably be a couple of years long. You really need to be committed, but the governament here really really should work on this because it's appalling. If any of you in the States knows of any reputable place we could contact so that at least after the course there won't be anoher three years wait to be matched, please let me know.


  1. HI honey! Good news - very excited for you - January is nearly here. Is it hard to get the money over there to do renovations? I hope it works out for you and that you get to have your dream place ready for the baby.
    regarding adoption agencies, we looked at one called Family Resource Center in Chicago and I am pretty sure that they had some people on their prospective parent list that were in Europe. Here is an example I found of a couple who are from Europe.

    Good luck! xoxoxoxT-gal:)

  2. I hope January brings you much luck!!!

    3 years to get matched??? WOW! I would have thought it would be less... Is there an orphanage system or foster care system you could look into? Here, you can adopt through those.

  3. Look at you! Building your nest, getting all your baby ducks in a row for the new year! So pleased for you, and can't wait to join you on your coming journey!

  4. What a process to do the renovations! Glad it's moving along. I'm SO excited that you will be starting your cycle in a month or so! And yes, it's time to close your file, marked "Complete Success!" I do not know anything about what I would call reverse foreign adoption - but I hope you find some good leads. It's funny, because a couple of years ago I suggested adoption to my DH and I said I'd LOVE to adopt a baby from Ireland because of my heritage. Of course I learned that apparently the U.S. only permits adoptions from certain other countries, and Ireland is not one of them. I hope you have better luck than I did!

  5. Fran, so glad to see/read that the attic project is moving swiftly along. Great news that the directors are on board! I'm glad that you've taken the step to cycle again in the new year. I hope 2010 is indeed the year for you and cannot wait to follow along with your.

  6. Thank you!

    I'm so excited that the attic project is moving along so well. It sounds like a lot of work, but worth it in the end.

    Awesome that you've been to the clinic and set everything up. January is nearly here!!!

  7. Oh Fran, I feel like I have so much to catch up. I am glad you are going for another cycle this Jan. I really have a good feeling about this for you. Good luck with the renovations and I look forward to hearing more about your plans... big hugs. xx

  8. I am so happy that the attic project is moving along so nicely. YAY!!

    I can't believe it is coming up on the New Year already, and time for you to start everything with IVF. I am so happy that the time has come for you! I feel like I have been waiting forever with you!!!


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