Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last minute

The week is nearly over, our flight is tomorrow at 7.20 am and we have not bought presents yet!! AHHHGGHHH surely I used to be much more organised!

We have the presents for the niece and nephews, I know what I'll ge for Mike (a drill! very manly!) and I have a good idea about what to get for my sister. Presents for my parents will be dealt with once I get to Italy. And for the in-laws we usually bring them out for lunch at some stage in the new Year.

Now in what's left of the day, we have still to go and do a bit of shopping, pack the suitcase, going to the SIL on the other side of town and give the presents to the children. And ideally I would have wanted to submit a revised article and send off a new one. Ah well, these last two things will have to wait until January. Also my student (remember the one who had a bit of a break down a couple of months ago?) stopped by with her bound PhD thesis this morning, she'll submit it on monday! Ohhhh I definitely got a bit emotional!!

Our holidays will be full of things as usual, a part from the rush up to Christmas, with things to get and friends to visit, we'll be going back skiing on the 27th for a week! There is a lot of snow and hopefully it won't be too cold for maximum pleasure on the slopes.

I'll try to read your blogs while I'm away and comment as much as possible even if I'm not ICLW this month, but I guess my next post will be in the New Year!
I wish you all my friends and very peaceful Christmas and may the New Year bring us all what we long for. Much love, Fran


  1. I hope you have a great holiday!! I am so glad your student got in her thesis, that is wonderful. Have a great time skiing and enjoy the break!!!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy!

  3. Merry merry Christmas to you Fran! Have a wonderful holiday and can't wait to reconnect with you in the new year!

  4. Sounds like you've had a wild and wooly 24 hours. Hope you got everything that you needed done! Merry Christmas, my dear! Enjoy every moment with your hubby and your family.

  5. Have a great holiday honey. Happy Christmas and here's to 2010.

    HUGS and love coming your way.



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