Sunday, June 13, 2010

8 weeks...or is it next Wednesday?

Ah well, I don't know, I go that it's 8 weeks today anyway! What a milestone, is it really me writing this? It seems so!

Yesterday I had one of those "let's freak out a bit more" day so I started searching the internet for "small gestational sac, normal foetus" and oh my, did I get myself frightened? Finally, I found a board somewhere where the girls were showing some pics of their scan where they were told the sac was small, and it was really small, like no black area at all around the baby, but eventually, it caught up and everything went well (of course this is not always the case). They said drinking plenty of water helped. So I'm drinking like a camel at the moment and peeing almost every hour. Then I found a medical presentation according to which the sac should be at least 5mm bigger than the baby and I think then mine is ok...isn't it? The doc didn't say how big it measured, only that it wasn't accurate.

The other big achievement is that I found an OB to go to. In Ireland the business of finding an OB is like a quest. They get booked up pretty much as soon as you find out you are pregnant. First you have to select the hospital you want to go to for the delivery, then you find an OB that works there and hope he/she will take you on. I had a couple of names suggested and as I called, the secretary asked me the due date (January 25th) and she almost laughed! "No love, Dr. S is booked until the beginning of February!" I mean really? Someone must have called her as the HPT was still developing! They were very nice though and suggested other doctors. I checked them out, I tried another one, same story. Eventually I called the OB recommended by my colleague who also went through IVF 2 years ago. The conversation with the secretary started with the same "Sorry, Dr. L is very full at the moment, he's not taking on other patients" "Oh...right, can you suggest someone? I had a really tough time getting pregnant, I'm and IF patient since 2008 with Dr. W, I had two ectopic pregnancies following IVF and several failed transfers before getting to this stage, so I need someone who will look after me very well as I am a bit nervous...." and she said "In that case....we'll take you on" WOW!! So I have my first appointment and scan booked with Dr. L for the 14th of July at 12 weeks!! We are going private, what the hell...with all we have been through we need some pampering! Then I called the clinic to have them writing a referral letter to Dr. L and to book a scan in between now and the 14th of July, so I'm going in on the 24th of June and I think I will then be officially released from the clinic.

Let's hope everything will be well, Misfit Mrs. wrote a fantastic post the other day which was really illuminating for me (and I know for others too) and I am committed to enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest and to think it will go well until the end, and if it doesn't I will deal with that then.


  1. Congrats on 8 weeks and finding an OB!!

  2. I'm smiling for every milestone you pass, 8 weeks is great and I can't wait for the next :)

    Congrats on finding a good OB too!

  3. You are such a positive spirit... I really admire you! Here is wishing you the best for the next 32 weeks! {HUGS}

  4. 8 weeks = fantastic! Glad you've got an OB and look forward to the updates from you scans.

  5. Congrats on 8w and also for getting an OB. I'm so glad that Dr. L took you on! Good luck on the 24th and then also on the 14th.

    I know what you mean about trying to enjoy the pregnancy. Have you had any nausea/morning sickness yet?

  6. Our gestational sac measured smaller on the initial scan at 7weeks, and all was ok. Don't worry!

  7. I am so happy to hear you are going to choose to enjoy your pregnancy...Congratulations on the 8-week milestone and on securing a great OB! Try to keep away from Dr. Google if you can! ;-)

  8. Well you are a day behind me and Im 8 weeks today? Ive learnt that the internet is a scary place, rather dont go there just believe that everything is going as it should - i know that is much more difficult to do than say. I believe all will go well for you, I really do!

    I havent taken the step to find a doctor yet but I think Ill do that this week. Its all very, very scary!!

  9. Sjoe, 8 weeks already? It's all gonna be ok Fran. Try stay away from Dr Google as much as you can mkay?

    Thinking of you and Elvis :)


  10. I'm so glad you got an appointment with Dr. L! I think going private is a very, very good idea and you do deserve some pampering (and it sounds like Dr. L's office wants to do this)!


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