Friday, June 4, 2010

Going home tomorrow

Today is the last day in Italy. We've already checked-in for the flight tomorrow (on-line check-in is great) and we are now thinking about how to organise the pick-up of the cats! I so look forward to seeing them again! I hope they'll settle back in the house no problem.

And to terminate my holiday well, I decided to get a blood test to see if I'm positve for toxoplasmosis (I've linked a website if you want to know more) as we know Patches is definitely not a carrier but we don't know about The Dude. Also, in Italy they test regularly for this while in Ireland nobody ever mentioned it (and it costed me a fraction in any case!). I'll get my results next friday, my sister will collect it for me.

Now...of course I about I get my hcg tested again, just so that I can freak out when the value won't be too I did it in the same private lab. The results were ready at 4pm today and it read 12.464 mU/mL. Looking at my previous data is in line, not very high but within the expected doubling time for 6w5d. But I had to freak out nonetheless. The range given by this lab has values for 6-7 weeks from the LMP starting at 10500. I checked everything online and every range I found gives for 6-7 weeks of pregnancy values starting between 1000 and 3000! So what the hell was wrong with this lab??
Eventually I noticed that the values they give for 4-5 weeks from the LMP start at 1500!!! No way someone has those values unless they have multiplets! Also they give less than 4 for a negative which is normal, so what week is someone in if she has values between 4 and 1500? I called the lab of course, but by the time I had realised that their table should have stated "from ovulation" rather than "LMP" the doc was gone. Ah well. Mum is determined to call them on monday in any case. I found a girl who posted on a local board who had a BFP after 15dpIUI, went to the same lab and she had a value of 289 and couldn't tell i she was pregnant from that damn table! Criminal, in my opinion!

Ah well, the only important thing will be the viability scan anyway. I admit I'm worried the dream will end once again. But I suppose this is the path we all have to walk.


  1. Darn labs, don't they know they can give a woman a heart attack?! LOL Glad you figured it all out and are within range still!!

    I am sure the furbabies are looking forward to your arrival and returning home.

    Sending lots of positive thoughts on your viability scan, you have done wonderfully so far, lets stay on the roll ;)

  2. Very, very strange numbers that lab uses. Unreasonably high, really. I think testing for toxoplasmosis was a great idea, though, just in case.

    Have a good, safe trip home and a good reunion with Patches and The Dude. I'm thinking such good thoughts for that viability scan. I'm hoping with all my heart that the dream won't end for either of us. (But the waiting is so very painful!)

  3. Safe travels. I am praying for a successful viability scan.

  4. have a safe trip back home. praying, wishing, crossing it all for your scan. it can not end, not this time. xoxoxox

  5. I swear labs and lab results are there to feak us out!! Its their main job!!! When is your scan? It's so stange that they don't check for toxoplasmosis in Ireleand, here in the UAE it was one of the many blood tests I had at the beginning of my pregnancy. Well good thing you were in Italy and were able to get it done. I hope all is ok on that front too!!

  6. Putting out such weird numbers is not nice...
    I'm surprised too that they don't usually test you for toxoplasmosis, here this is part of the preconception work-up.
    Thinking many positive thoughts for you and Elvis.


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