Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adoption news!

Because of course they come all at once!

You may remember that we got our waiting list number on the 19th of May. Also we were told that probably sometime early next year we would have been called for the prep course so that we had to organise our FET and consider the possibility of another cycle to be finished at least six months prior to the prep course (here they are quite strict about not overlapping the two paths).

So you can imagine my surprise when I got a voice-mail on my mobile AND in my office answering machine by Linda from the Adoption Board asking to call back asap. So I did. She said they have gone through a lot of people lately and were trying to find out who was still available for prep courses, it would have been fairly short notice but they were having difficulties in filling the courses. I asked what time-frame were we talking about and she said the next group will start this July! Can you believe it?? She remembered of course we still wanted to have fertility treatment and wondered where we were with that...thankfully I had prepared for such a question and said we were waiting to see how our frozen cycle had gone. I just didn't feel ready to tell we were pregnant. It's still so so early. She wished me luck and said to let her know that we could be on the course starting in September if we wanted to. Wow. I really hope Elvis will continue to grow and will stick around for the next 32 weeks and we may go on the prep course next year as we had originally planned for our second addition to the family.

A blog sister got a terrible news yesterday, her baby had stopped growing, please if you have time stop by and give your love to Alex. We were practically at the same stage of pregnancy and my heart is in pieces for her loss.


  1. That's crazy news, and proof that good things travel in packs :)

  2. Finally catching up...

    That is so exciting! How cool would it be to welcome Elvis and be that much closer to welcoming #2!

    I'm glad you went to the ER for some reassurance...bleeding is common but it's certainly scary!

    You're doing GREAT!

  3. Ach. Raining and pouring:) I'm going to keep fingers crossed for BOTH additions to your family, and for little Elvis to have a lovely sibling.

  4. Wow! I too hope that Elvis will stick around and you can go to that course next year.

  5. Yipppeee!!! Great news all around, let it keep coming!!!

  6. I love hearing more and more good news from you Fran! Congrats!

  7. What great news about the adoption plans! Heck no, they don't need to know about Elvis right now. next year sometime you could be the parents of two (or more?) children! Wow, Fran, things are looking up! It's about time, eh?

    Sorry about your friend Alex.

  8. How wonderful! Looks like you might have to change the name of your blog to "Me too! Me too!"

  9. Great news!!!Life is truly incredible... so happy for you!

  10. What wonderful news! And, out of nowhere at that. I'm hoping that everything goes according to plan for you!

  11. I haven't been by in awhile so I wanted to drop in and say "Hello, my friend!" Thinking of you and Elvis today. :-)

  12. Finally coming out from under the covers, and catching up on blogs, and saw this.

    First, I'm so happy that things are going well, and everything is looking great.

    Second, thank you oh so much for the mention and for your comments. The comments that I received from you, your friends, and the others really helped me get through each of the days. I really appreciate it, Fran - you're one heck of a woman. Thank you.


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