Monday, November 22, 2010

31 weeks, ante-natal course and pictures update

Woohooo we are at 31 weeks!! All is good, sure I'm getting up a bit more often at night and I have this restless legs syndrome which is quite annoying but bring it all on, I'm so so happy to have got this far! Little Elvis is moving regularly, very reassuring and I started feeling him/her a lot at night also. Again I'm certainly not complaining!
Weight is the same as the last week, it wasn't a full kg then but it certainly is this week, so holding at +14kg. For your delight here are my latest pictures, I think I'm growing a bit!

I want to tell you also about my full day ante-natal course. It was great. The midwife who led it was really engaging and I loved her, pity she is not working in the hospital I'll be going to. There were 13 couples and she got us to introduce ourselves stating the due day, one thing we love about pregnancy and one thing we don't like. I was about the third person to talk, I just could not think one single negative thing (maybe I could have said how I worry so much) so I just said I loved it all. The couple next to us said something like "We are just delighted to be finally pregnant" and that sounded quite familiar...can you smell infertility in people? it turned out they had been trying for 7 years with several failed IVFs and finally went to Madrid (where the wife was from) and got their miracle. They didn't share this with the group, but Mike and the other husband met in the loo and got talking. It was great to chat with them, they are maybe a week behind us. Anyway, the highlight of the introduction round was this lady (who arrived very dressed up, heels, skirt, make-up etc) who stated that what she found very difficult to cope with during her pregnancy was... fashion...yes, you read!! Ah bless her, missing her shoes and nice dresses... there are some real people out there. We all secretly wished her to have a boy who wants to wear nothing other than a scruffy track-suit! Note that her only other contribution to the day was when she asked the midwife if she could wear jewellery during labour and delivery and what about gel-nails and varnish... yes yes I know, this is obviously a clueless one, it was a while since I had met one that bad.
We had a paediatrician coming in giving us plenty of info, overall a great day and I feel much more reassured we can do it!

I promise I will post a special post on the attic project, it's flying!! We think this week major things will happen, the electrician was in last week doing all the cabling, this week the plumber should arrange for the sanitary-ware pipes etc. Windows should arrive also! Mike is taking photos once a week so it's great to see the progress given that I'm NOT venturing up in the attic via a builder's ladder!!


  1. You look adorable! Ah, to only worry about fashion and weather or not you can wear jewelry and fake nails in labour:) good to know there are people out there with their priorities straight haha.

  2. Hi there Fran!

    I'm Louise! I'm also from Ireland and a fellow blogger, I'm so excited to meet an Irish blogger... sadly there isn't enough of us!! anyway just wanted to drop you a line and wish you good luck!
    Louise xx

  3. You honestly look fantastic!

    I would have also said the one thing I dont like is the worry, maybe fashion-chick might not have even understood that one. What an idiot!

  4. Love the bump pictures!!! You look fabulous!! Are those regular jeans you're wearing or maternity?

  5. You look wonderful!! And wow that lady in your class is hilarious. I hope she is a little less concerned about fashion after her baby comes.

  6. Looking at your belly (yes, I see some growth), I can't imagine someone saying you are too small. You look fantastically pregnant! The woman from the class cracks me up, LOL. Can't go through labor without your accessories! LOL. Anyway, looking forward to attic pics, and as always, great to see the bump :)

  7. I love your belly pics - you look great! Seriously, fashion??? Unbelievable.

  8. 31 weeks! Woohoo! Getting so close to the end, you're now in single digit weeks left.

    Your course sounds really good. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Love the belly shots! I may have a few to share on my blog soon.

  9. You are so cute pregnant. Great belly!!! Oh how I miss that.

  10. She was having issues with FASHION? God help me if I ever get pregnant and have to listen to that...the thud you hear will be my chin hitting the floor.

    Glad to see you are progressing well! :-)

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  12. Louise said...
    I know I will not be popular for this.. but this 'fashionista' I don't know why, because I do blieve in doing your own thing and not really following fashon, I believe more in wearing what you like and feel comfortable in,but I do feel the need to defend her! as you prob know its actually a valid question... Gel nails prob wouldn't be ok during L&d because if she needed an emergency section then the anaesthesiologist needs to be able to see your nail bed so they will remove your nail polish prior to surgery so gel nails wouldn't be ideal!!

    also! this poor girl just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she has to let all of her past self go.. Im sure she knows there is more to motherhood than fashon,and she should remain interested after her baby arrives, because it's good to keep things you loved before. You just obviously put your kids first! but she loves fashion and what harm is she doing!! its part of who she is! although I do agree that this is not really a suitable place to be airing those views since it is merely educational! but I felt sorry for her! she was just sharing her experience!!

    Now nobody is going to talk to me!!! I guess I couldn't stop thinking about it!!!

    I've been checking out your blog!! I'm loving it so far... love the little cats aren't they cute!? and don't be minding people talking about your bump size- sure we're all various sizes.. plus!! I was like that and then boom was massive!!!

    Are you from Ireland? Where did you move from?
    thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

    Love Louise xx

  13. Such a beautiful belly! So happy things are still going so very well for you Fran! :)


  14. 31 weeks!!! YOU LOOK GREAT!!! I am so happy for you!

  15. Ahhhh, look how much bigger your belly is!!!! Elvis is growing by leaps and bounds! You look like a beautiful pregnant lady, if I do say so myself. And I so MISS being pregnant. One thing I did not like about pregnancy was the maternity pants always sliding down. But I'd endure it again any day!

    I agree with you - that Madam Fashionista ought to have a rough and tumble little boy, bringing home frogs in his pockets and dirt under his fingernails!

    Glad you had a fun class though. Nine weeks to go!

  16. Oh my that lady sounds like a trip...I would have died laughing at her comments...

    You look so cute...honestly your bump is higher and sticking out more:)

    Take care cant wait to see the renovations

  17. You look great, and things are definitely redistributing tummyward:) So glad that things are going well. I bet you can't wait to meet Elvis!

  18. I just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog - I can't wait to get on that other side of the fence too! Yes, sometimes it has been hard to watch you progress in your pregnancy, but you're my friend, and I'm very happy for you. From the beginning when we shared our beta freak-out moments, I've watched you with Elvis, and I'm not turning away... Can't wait to meet him - you know, in bloggy-style! :)

  19. Hi Fran. Your pregnancy belly is truely adorable. And yes, definitely getting bigger!!! But it's all baby, the rest of you seems to be staying the same, you look amazing. Congratulations.
    The a/n class sounded really positive and as for that clueless lady with her superficial questions...well at least she provided light entertainment for the rest of you!!

  20. Fran look at your belly go! 31 weeks already?! (I guess 32 by the time you get this comment.)

    I totally would have been making jabbing comments to my husband the whole class about the High Fashion chick. She would have provided me with much comedic relief. People that silly just beg to be mocked. lol

    I can't wait to see the attic project. You should do a little video showing pictures from beginning to end when it is finished.


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