Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vaccinated and Relocated!

Hi had my flu vaccine shot today. Let's hope I won't react badly to it!!

We have moved out of the duplex and into our new superfab-magazine-style penthouse. It's a one-bed top floor apt and a part for being small it's really cute. The first night was a nightmare, Patches and the Dude were very unsettled and I don't think I slept much at all. Teaching and meetings all day long on monday and yoga at 8.10 pm....I don't know how I got to the end of the day. We have only one problem in the new place which is parking. In that part of the estate, there are loads of apartments and very little parking. If the weather was good it wouldn't be a big deal parking one car in our own spot at the duplex and walk back...but it's Ireland! And it's November!! Not such a a thing as good weather unfortunately. Anyway, I crashed on the bed and had a great night sleep so I'm a new woman today! No more spotting so that's good and Elvis seems to like the new bed also with frequent signs of appreciation. Go Elvis!
We had a final meeting with the builder yesterday, all is on schedule and we signed contracts so we will be moving back into the house before Christmas. Fingers crossed!! Can't wait to see how it all goes!!


  1. I hope the place gets done soon! And you reminded me that I have to start my yoga!

  2. yay for moving which means that the attic will be underway! Hope it's done quickly!

  3. That's great that you'll be back home for Christmas. Here's hoping that Patches and the Dude acclimatize quickly, and that there are no more sleepless nights!!

  4. I cannot wait for your remodeling to be finished. Christmas will be here in a jiffy!

    I'm also hopeful that the kittehs settle quickly. Cats are wonderful like that that they pretty much will walk in and claim new territory pretty quickly.

  5. I'm glad you decided to get the flu shot - and I guess you didn't have an adverse reaction this time (even better!).

    If you are walking some distance from parking to the superfab penthouse, just BE CAREFUL - particularly when the snow shows up. Ugh...now I have to worry about you and your big pregnant belly slipping on ice! Take it slow.

    Enjoy your month-long penthouse stay and I'm excited to hear how the renovation turns out in a month or so!

  6. Wow that is a fast project but how nice that you dont have to be there when they are working:)

    Glad the spotting has stopped...
    Take Care/Hugs!!!


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