Saturday, January 29, 2011

4 weeks update!

It's just the three of us as of yesterday. Mom went home and I miss her very much already. Being home with Oliver is nice but I miss adult conversation a lot (so warning, don't phone or I'll keep you on the line for hours!!). Mike has stepped up though and he's helping greatly. Last night we were all in the living-room, Mike and I on the couch, Patches on my lap and the Dude on an armchair...and Oliver sleeping in his rocking seat...was I dreaming? I still don't have many memories of the pregnancy (also I'm not really thinking about it much) but I am soaking up every second of motherhood. I remember everything vividly starting from when I saw Oliver for the first time. It was all so so worth it.

Milk production seems to be decreasing now (only 30mL total yesterday). Ah well. Honestly. Ah well. I don't know why it didn't increase like all the websites tell you. I don't know why nothing seemed to help. I'll give him all I get and hope it'll be better than nothing. Like some of you have told me, I now have this sickening feeling when I pump. Not worth it.
But on the other hand....I have found a nice solution for the colics! I don't know why this is not widely advertised as it's so so simple! We have one of those seeds-filled pad, the ones you heat up in the microwave...Oh my God, it works like a charm...the one we have is rod shaped, I heat it for a minute max (obviously making sure it's warm but not hot) and I wrap it around his's an instant relief!! Now we put it on his tummy after every feed and he's the happiest baby you can imagine! So let me know if you try it out and works for you too.

Yesterday we also went for Oliver's first shot. He was very good! Cried very little, and was happy again as soon as I gave him a cuddle, we got out of the doctor's office and you wouldn't have said he had been pricked! All the other babies seemed to need bottles or boobs once out of the office to calm down. Oh my little champion...a trouper like his mamma!

So it's 4 weeks since the section and I feel very well. I still have a bit of bleeding (but when does it end??) which in the last week or so was giving me the impression it was almost ending only to pick up again later in the day. Mmh. It's very little, a panty-liner is more than enough but it's seems I've been bleeding forever! Let me know your experience.

Oliver's passport is on the way also! Can you believe that the pic we took for it is going to last 3 years?? He's already changed so much I can't believe they'll recognise him through the photo in three years!
Passport pic!


  1. What a cute little Champ!!! Glad you found a solution for the colic - brilliant!!! I'd imagine in a few weeks you won't recognize oliverspassport pic anymore, 3 years is bizarre!!!!

  2. Oh I wish my passport photo was as adorable! :-)
    I understand needing adult conversation. My dogs are not much for answering me and I haven't made any friends yet. We should work out the time difference(I have no clue) and talk soon now that we have the Skype set up.

  3. Cute passport photo:) and way to go, Oliver! such a brave little boy!

  4. I want to say I bled for about a week. Not fun! And then it was this strange, pink-brown color for a week. It was over by my postpartum checkup, though.

    Cute boy!!!

  5. What a great passport photo - he looks like a wary traveler about to give a big sigh!

    I bled for weeks. Surely a month, but I don't remember exactly. Not heavily the whole time, but it did not stop all together for what seemed forever.

    I also meant to mention before that lots of babies (mine included) grunted and strained and seemed to be constipated or about to hurt himself in working to pass gas. I asked our doctor (and of course Google. d the matter as well) and it's apparently perfectly normal and typical. And relatively short lived. Now I can tell when my baby is bearing down and about to pass gas, but he doesn't look like he's working as hard getting the job done.

    On a side note, when I went back to work after nearly 8 months of maternity leave, I warned them that at any moment I might spontaneously break into a chorus of "Old MacDonald had a farm" or some other song since my brain had been in baby mode for some time. The good news is, the adult brain does come back!

  6. What a cutie.
    Could I please ask where you got the heated pads from (is it specifically for babies?) as my little girl suffers from colic pains too and would be really interested in trying a pad out. Thanks

  7. Your milk didn't increase like the websites told you because they didn't have the enormous blood loss that you (and I) did. Sorry that it's not going well for you, but so glad to hear that you're so philosophical about it.

    And on the blood loss note, I barely bled after delivery because I didn't have much blood left, but it did last for weeks and weeks, on and off.

    Glad you found a tummy solution!

  8. I love that Oliver is getting his own passport. lol

    It is incredible the amount of love you can feel for your child, isn't it? I have never experienced such a strong love in my life and didn't know it could exist until my daughter was born.

    Since we have gotten back into treatments I have had a couple of people tell me that it just isn't worth the hell that I go through. I always tell them they are wrong. If I hadn't gone through it the first time, I wouldn't have my daughter. Now that I know for an absolute certainty it was worth it, it makes me want it that much more again. Even though my conscious brain thinks it doesn't care, my heart knows it does.

  9. OMG what a blessing, Do u mind if I ask how ? did u use pills for the most part or was it all natural ?

  10. What a cutie!!!! and a good little boy at the Dr's office:)

    Oh and good tip with the heating bean bag...I will have to remember that just n case..Something else I have heard is to put a blanket n the dryer and wrap them up tight in it or my sister n laws little man has stomach issue and she does bicycling of his legs to help him move his bowels when he is straining....Well momma you are doing a great job!!!

  11. I am definitely going to try the warm wrap on Paige's tummy. Thanks for the tip!

  12. Love his passport photo - this is so cute! He's going to be a world traveler, I'm sure! And interesting about the colic solution...

  13. I think I've heard of that solution before :) Now, as for that passport pic. It is the best one I've ever seen! Seriously! I LOVE it!

    My husband had the same driver id photo for 13 years or so - totally didn't look like him AT ALL. It was a running joke. I NEVER look like mine because I change my hair so frequently. LOL.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying this ride :) Yay!

  14. Wow, Fran - so happy for you, my friend! I did not find a link to that cure for colic - help - we are still in need of one.
    Sorry that your mom had to go home. Try to schedule stuff to do and get out of the house with your little one - even if the weather is not great. Oh duh, you aren't driving! Well invite people to come see you and Oliver! That's what i did and it really helped.
    His passport photo is precious- what an adorable little man!
    I know you need adult conversation, but don't forget to talk to Oliver - it really helps with language skills the more you talk to them - just do a running commentary about what you are doing! And yes, call people for adult conversation - or you will go a little nutty!

  15. Thanks for the colic tip!
    I bled for about 6 weeks but then I had 3 placentas, I got very tired of it!

  16. He is oh so adorable!! That will be one handsome passport picture. I'm glad things are going well and the colic is under control!


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