Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I wish I could hug you all. Tanks so much again for the kind comments. I should have clarified that I'm taking also the domperidone (plus specific multivitamines, plus fenugreek, plus fennel tea etc) but it hasn't really made a difference. I am not breastfeeding (Oliver never latches on for more than 2 minutes without getting frustrated) so all I get (and he gets) is a couple of oz per day purely by pumping, and I pump till the last drop comes out. It doesn't make any difference how many time a day I pump...if I pump 5 times I still get the same total volume and I realised I can get it in one go in the evening. Despite such a miserable milk supply I have a leaky boob in the morning (the left one!) which would make you think it's full but let me assure you it isn't. I've pumped immediately after noticing a leak only to be greatly disappointed (it starts off promising and it simply runs out of milk after a few minutes...and the flow is something like a drop every 2-3 sucking motions...yes that disappointing). But like you all said, I'm doing the best I can, I won't loose sleep over it, when I'll have had enough of this I'll just give it up.

And little Oliver is growing steadily!! Today weight check was 3.28kg! He piled up 300g in a week and that's perfect. The nurse was very impressed with how alert he is and his head control and gave me some tips to help the trapped air coming out (mostly massaging techniques). On friday we have the first vaccine shot (BCG) so hopefully it'll go well. No update on my weight as I didn't manage to weigh myself since the last time...ehm ehem...

Finally we have done his birth certificate!! After some debate we did put Elvis as third name also...it meant so much to us I thought we had to keep it...and actually we really love the meaning of the name which is "wise" but also is "the wise friend of the elves" in some Scandinavian fairy-tail (Circus Princess, if you read this, let me know if it's true!). So his full name is Oliver Daniel Elvis. Passport application is also ready to go, just waiting for his Personal Public Service number to arrive in the post.

That's it for now, I must post some updated photos soon!


  1. I have been there. I was very disappointed, it left a scratch on my psyche. But only a scratch.
    I gave formula, she grew well, problem solved.

    There's only one thing I didn't try, because I only heard about it later: putting something warm on your breasts while you pump (like a heating pad you can warm in the micro-wave).
    This is in the might help, might not category.

  2. You just made me realize that my daughter is almost 9 months and I never got her a birth certificate! Ahhh!

  3. I LOVE that you're keeping Elvis - and yes I think the Nordic meaning of the name is right -in forn Nordic elva means elf and vis means wise.
    I'm so impressed with your effort to give breast feeding your all!! Love:)

  4. ADORABLE!!!! :)

    You have the right mindset. Try, try, and try, and if all that isnt working, try something new. Keep the positive spirit!

  5. I LOVE his name and that you added Elvis. Hey, he's the KING!!

  6. I love that you kept Elvis as his third name, that is perfect!!!!!

  7. I haven't had a chance to congratulate you on Oliver yet! He is gorgeous and I am so incredibly happy for you! I have enjoyed following your great story so much. Breastfeeding is hard under the best of circumstances, and I applaud your efforts and totally support your decision to stop when you feel is best. Happiest Baby on the Block totally helped with Grace's nighttime fussies and gas. Good luck, it so hard to watch them deal with it. Congrats, Mommy!

  8. Well my dear you have def gone above and beyond with this breastfeeding thing...so def dont be hard on yourself....

    Glad little man is doing so well and I love that you included Elvis in his name..so sweet:)

    You take care and cant wait for some new pics!!!

  9. If you are done with the breastfeeding and feel okay with it, then let it go and don't let anyone make you feel guilty. Incidentally, my baby completely stopped breastfeeding at least 3 weeks ago and I STILL get a wet nipple if he is crying!

    I think it's wonderful you kept Elvis in his name. It's part of his history! His full name is beautiful.

  10. Oh, Fran, I love Oliver's full name! Can't wait to see the pics!

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  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I have been remiss and not keeping up with blogs lately - but congrats!!! Oliver is beautiful!

    Ignore my advice about breastfeeding (what the heck do I know?) - whatever works for you guys, is best!

  13. Well obviously his weight isn't suffering for the lack of nursing! That's excellent to hear how well he is doing?

    Have you tried having a small drink (alcoholic)? I've heard that can help with the letdown reflex. Realize that of course that means "pump and dump" as you don't want to pass this to Elvis ... but I wonder if that helps many women ramp up? (I am only speaking from things girlfriends who have nursed have told me - no hands on advise here. :-)

    Do your physicians have any idea why you are not responding to the doperidone?

  14. Love the name and MUST SEE PICTURES! Your blog just makes me happy :-)

  15. Aw, there's something lovely about Elvis remaining Elvis. Glad you got the paperwork done, and that you can start this one on his worldly travels.

  16. I can't remember, but do you have PCOS? I read on another blog that women with PCOS tend to have difficulty making milk. I'm not sure if it is true or not, but I know she did and that was what she was told.

    don't be hard on yourself of BF doesn't work out. Yeah it is great if it does, but there are worse things than if it doesn't. All that matters is your little guy is getting the nutrients he needs to grow one way or another. My daughter was on half breast milk/half formula for the first 8 weeks of her life, and then I got mastitis and gave up. She went to straight formula until she was 12 months. You do the best you can, and that is all you can ask of yourself.

    Glad to hear Elvis is doing so well, growing and thriving. He is one special little guy. Give him a hug from me. XOXO

  17. I love love love that you're keeping Elvis as part of Oliver's name. So sweet!


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