Monday, January 31, 2011

Seeds heating pad and Slings

The seeds heating pad got some (well deserved!!) interest in my last post and I realised it wasn't that clear what I was talking about to some of you so I'm dedicating part of this post to explain better and give some links.

I bought this pad in a nature shop, it's practically a cotton-made bag which is filled with some kind of seeds. It could be oat, or barley or wheat in my case, but I have seen them filled with cherry stones or corn (not the "pop" kind of corn!). They are very popular here but if you don't find one you can make it yourself. I found this great link (actually...Mike found it and put it among my bookmarks!) and I'm posting here some random pics to give you an idea of what mine looks like.
This one is actually sold here and it's really similar to the one I have.

These are made by Katie, check out her blog here she gives also awesome guidelines!

Katie's ones have vertical stitches which are great to keep the seeds more uniformly distributed but in that case you have to make sure not to overfill the sections or they can be a bit uncomfortable. Overfilling makes also the bag quite heavy and in my opinion not suitable if you use it with small children.

The one I have is not specific for babies at all but as it doesn't have vertical stitches I can shift the seeds inside to one side leaving the part which I put on Oliver's tummy a bit lighter.
If you make it yourself, have a look at the various seeds that you can use. My advice is not to go for corn or cherry stones as they are a bit too rough. Smaller seeds is the way to go! When I use it for Oliver I only warm mine in the microwave for a minute, then I shake the seeds to make sure the heat is uniformed and the right temperature. I'm going to add a couple of drops of lavender oil to the bag (after heating it) and see if it's even better! Do let me know how you get on!

Next on the list of things I want to get is a sling. There is such a variety it took me ages to learn pros and cons of them and make some sort of decision! I think I'm set on a stretchy wrap which apparently lasts a little less than a woven one weight-wise but it's easier to start with and a bit lighter. I have found a second hand one for a great price (Hoppediz brand) but I'm in love with a French one which apparently is the ultimate stretchy sling lasting as long as the woven ones (JPMBB do check this out the demo video is cool!) but way more expensive! Alternatively I like a microfleece one which I think suits Irish weather perfectly but probably not so much Italy (Calin Bleu brand). This one has the great advantage of being water repellent and very very light (and cheap!). Do you have a sling? Can you tell me how you are getting on with it?


  1. One of my best friends did a post on slings that you might find interesting.
    She has made her own and bought so she would be a good person to ask questions.

  2. When the babies were really small, I loved my Moby. Now that they are bigger (and I am smaller!), I really like my pull over sling.

  3. I love my corn bag. I use it on cold nights and I am simply in love with them. We used a fabric sling with our foster babies, like this:

    I found my Moby too cumbersome once the babies were over a certain size.

  4. I think the baby heating pad I have is filled with flax seed (from the plant that is the source for linnen).

    I was a big fan of the sling. I had the stretchy type which you wrap around yourself and knot. I loved that.

    Once my daughter was a bit older (18 months?), I preferred a ring sling. It's easier with toddlers who want to 'hop on and hop off'. Also it's easier to carry a child on the hip with a ring sling than with a wrap type sling (in my opinion).

  5. Years ago, I was given one of these for my back. A few moments in the microwave = heavenly!

  6. We have a few heating pads and I made myself a very inexpensive one for the winter I was pregnant. I cut and sewed an old tee shirt and filled it with uncooked white rice and various dried herbs. It was warm and smelled wonderful!

    As for the sling, I bought a Moby that I only tried with the baby twice at home and never took out of the house. He never got used to it and I never got the hang of it. Too bad. Here it sits. I need to figure out what the "ring sling" is that Lut C. mentioned.

  7. Good luck picking a sling :) I love those things! Could read about them and watch the tutorial videos for hours.

  8. I have one from Seven Slings. However, it is untested, LOL. So I'm useless as usual.

    With the heating pads. I have a few of varying sizes and shapes, and they are amazing. Seriously. I'm on your side with these, LOL.

  9. I have a Close Baby carrier and it is superb!! It had to go in the wash yesterday and I was really lost without it!


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